Drum Heads For Metal

I am looking for new drum heads for my kit ( sizes 10, 12, 14 toms, 20 kick, 14x8 brass snare). I'm looking for mid-low punch with a little bit of resonance at the end, decent amount of attack.
I have currently got the emperor clears on my toms but i'm thinking of changing them out for the Evans Black Chromes.
I've also considered the Evans EC2's and the Evans Onyx's. I'm also thinking of putting the EC resonant on the bottom. ( As I said before I want mid-low punch with a little bit resonance on the end and decent amount of attack).
I've got the P3 on my kick which I am happy with. I'm thinking of putting the EQ3 reso on the resonant side. ( I want a low pitched punch kick sound.)
I'm thinking Evan's ST Dry with the 500 snare side and 30-42 snare strand wires. ( I'm looking for that Dave Grohl Songs for the Deaf album snare sound).
( By the way, the place where i live has no music stores that sell Aquraian, so its basically Evans or Remo but I'm thinking more Evans).


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damn, was going to suggest aquarian till i read the bottom part. can you not shop for them online? or prefer to keep it local?


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The EC2s are great. My only bug bear is that the painted on black stripe eventually deteriorates and leaves black material (think of rubber/eraser pieces after removing pencil marking). They come off with a cloth wipe on the drums, but it gets absolutely everywhere inside, and they haven't gone completely from mine. Still sound brilliant though.


Clear 10mil single ply's tuned nice and boomy. Your DI'ed passive pick up 7 string drop F tuned guitar player will LOVE it lol.

Seriously though, the EC2s should serve you well and I see them coming up more and more with heavier drumming. The onyx heads are really dead, and I happen to enjoy hydraulics and don't find them dead at all if that is any comparison.


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Go for the Black Chrome. They make your toms sound like mini bass drums, which is perfect for that style. I put a set on my Tama B/B when I really wanted a kit with punch, and micd up they were perfect. Since you're playing at home, they will be very controlled which is good if you don't have a great sounding room.


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Pinstripes or EC2's would do fine i guess. I'm using Pinstripes since a couple of weeks now (been against them for years), but they're the best heads for my kit and the sound i want (low end with attack, not so much open or too much ring). I've had EC2's in the past and although i had them on different kits, i find that the EC2's are a little brighter. Pinstripes seem knock off the higher frequencies a bit more.
Personally i stay away from (black or white) coated heads when i want attack. Had coated G2's before and although i love the sound they produce from my perspective (floor toms sound amazing with coated heads), with recordings it muffles too much for my likings.
If you want to control the resonance, you can always try the cotton ball method of put a piece of tape like Akira Jimbo does on the rim that bounces up when you hit the drum and that lands on the head to muffle it (like a natural 'gate')