Drum Head Replacement Recomendation


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I'm currently using clear G2s over G1s on my toms. I like this combination, but I would like to try something coated for the batters.

I'm trying to decide whether to use coated G2s or G1s. Durability is not an issue with me. I'm more concerned about tone. I want to stay away from pre-dampened heads because the drum are used in church which is in a big room and they are not mic'd.

What would be the tonal and resonate differences between the coated G1 & G2? What kinda of difference can I expect going from clear G2s to coated G1 or G2?


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In that case, I would use the coated G1s and let them babies "SING". You will gain some much appreciated overtones and they should sound fantastic.

To my ear, the G1 coated sounds louder than the G2 because of the resonance gain. The coated G1 head will give you a more controlled focus or attack up front with plenty more resonance than the G2. The coated heads don't have that plasticy sound to them, they should sound great in large unmiced room.