Drum Head Preferences?


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Re: Drum Head Prefferences?

I always recommend for any style G2 Clears over G1 clears....very focused, big, moderately deep sound...and on the kick try an Emad...for the snare Genera Dry...or the old favorite the Remo coated ambassador

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Re: Drum Head Prefferences?

I used to love the G2s but now Im using the coated EC2s. They are perfect for a fat full tone but with plenty of attack. Im on my 3rd set of those. And the coated emad is the best kick head out there in my opinion.
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Re: Drum Head Prefferences?

I play G2 clears and EC2 clears now for the past 8 Months.

But, why is it when I see a beautiful TAMA I always envision Remo Pinstripes? lol