Drum head Advice


I'll start off by saying I am one broke MFer so I can't go out and try head after head to find the sound I want if I could that would be awesome but money is tight.

I play metal / death metal / sub-genre(s) for days (I just think there are to many sub-genres)
I've got an old Tama Rockstar 5 pc (looking to get a new 8in tom to make it a 6 pc) but the sound is not that great for metal... it's really more jazz and blues.

I have no idea what the reso heads are (I've just got the kit and have not played it all that much) but the batter heads are evens g1 coated.

What are some good configurations of batter and reso's? I'm not looking for a really deep sound, just something with good attack, and a little bit of depth/bass to it.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also, is Evan's reverse dot batter head a good snare head?


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Onyx, I have 'em on my Superstars and they are AMAZING. Get one for the kick, too. Evans G1 clears for the resos on snare/toms, Onyx reso for the kick. Or, heck, an Evans Inked!


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+1 for ec2s over g1s.
snare definitely get something with a control ring/power dot.