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hey guys

i'm looking for hardware for these drums i'm putting together and i checked drum factory direct and unfortunately the shells came predrilled with 1 1/2" space between lug mount holes and 2 1/4" on the bass. does anyone know any other sites to get lugs and hardware at a decent price?


thanks guys. is the 2 1/4" that strange of a spacing? i haven't been able to find anyone that carries that. seeing how poor the drilling quality on the holes is i wouldn't be surprised if the spacing is messed up too


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2 1/4" is not strange. If you step up and spend a little more for Allstar or in Canada, Champagne makes similar. The Posts are fully adjustable on the threaded tubes so they can be fitted to any hole combination, and will look like a high end custom. Check out Carolina Snares, he uses Allstars with two posts, they look great.


thanks guys. i got in touch with all star and am waiting to hear back. other than that i haven't been able to find anything


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I just went to AMdrumparts.com and the following lugs have 1 1/2 spacing.

#7, 9b, 9b blk, 21 c, 21 b, 21 br.

Are you sure you are looking in the right spot..Look under Lugs

Also try the DrumFoundry.com page