Drum Gear for an 8/9 year old


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Wuhans can be very good cymbals. Choosing between Wuhans and ZBTs, I would definitely recommend the Wuhans. In my book, the ZBTs aren't even an option - even for a beginner. It's money wasted, IMHO.

The negative on the Wuhans is they can be inconsistent. You can get winners and losers.

But, when money is tight, yeah I think Wuhans are a smart option. I own a couple myself.

When money is tight, I'd say the two good options are Wuhans and Paiste PST 7s. I'd recommend the Arborea Knight cymbals I play, but, they are nearly impossible at this time to actually buy. Just not available in the U.S. at this point.


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I can vouch for the Dream hi-hats. I got a pair without listening to them first because I was just looking to use them on my practice kit. I've used them on gigs and have gotten positive feedback.


Thank you! Drum teacher is coming today so I will also talk to him (and to look at the new drums - they were not packed well and want to make sure everything is there). :)

Love the new sticks but my son is not a fan as he says it makes the snare sound bad (but its a bad snare). That was a great suggestion.