Drum friendly houses in London?


So i live in London at the moment and have an electric kit that i play at home. I'm having lessons on a real kit and it's just way better but there is no way that living in shared accommodation, as i do, that i could get away with playing an acoustic kit at home. Short of hiring studio rooms to practice on acoustic kits is there an easier way to get around this problem?

I'm currently in the process of moving flats too so i'm more than happy to move to areas/houses that will be easier for me to spend more time drumming. Any drummers out there have a spare room?


I have my acoustic kit in my bedroom - I share the house with 3 other people (all goths/industrial/ebm types). I've been drumming there for the past 2 years, with silencer pads on them. It's not ideal, and I try to limit it to half an hour to an hour a few times a week, but it works. It's still loud, but everyone's been ok with it so far (I practice in the evenings until 8, or at the weekend in the afternoon).

That said, it's obviously not the best solution, and apart from regular band practice in the studio I also hire the drum room at the Fiddler's Elbow (£5 an hour, they have the full kit there including double bass pedals)