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No longer there, because at the time, there was a lot of serious hate leveled at DW in particular, which was never addressed by admins. A coterie of members were Ludwig fans who took every opportunity to flame DW (and other brands) in every way possible. It got to the point where I just couldn't deal with it anymore. My biggest complaint was with the admins and moderators who allowed it to continue.

Also, the sheer amount of trolls and troublemakers was out of hand. There was one guy from California who got thrown off multiple times, but always came back under a different screen name. He tried to convince the forum that he was starting a new high end drum company, and even contacted me and asked me to get involved. I found out later he was arrested for scamming people out of money.
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Harry Cangany's Drum Forum (defunct) begat
Drum Forum and Cymbalholic (defunct) which begat Groovologist (defunct)
Never really came here but overall this is the most relaxed pleasant

the huge amount of member's here spreads out every discussion so
no one get's
on each other's backs
huge problem on smaller member sites
and that's all I'll say on that

this Drummerworld is like a
Florida vacation at the beach
Joy to come to every day

some detail questions about vintage gear can still be answered quickly over there
(but here too.
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Just curious anyone on here ever been on the DFO.
No 'cuz I prefer all the pages/pictures/videos of pro drummers here.

Before Tama redesigned their website, they hosted a very useful, informative forum. It was moderated by Tama employees and they were always quick to answer questions about products, part numbers, paint schemes, etc. It was a gold mine of info for the brand. We ex-members were sad to see it go.
A forum can be a pleasant venue to share common interest but a forum can also be a court or tribunal. So both definitions can fit here. LOl
Member of both but haven’t been on DFO for quite some time. They have some weird rules on there of which i am not a fan of, so I choose not to be a part of it. Love that we have choices!

I really enjoy this virtual drum place :)
Never been there, do you think those cats would appreciate a piccy of my high voltage blue Exports complete with courageously practical tom arms? :unsure: 😁
Would they? I doubt it, in fact, you'd probably get flamed.
A downside of DFO is that you cannot upload audio files directly and large pictures get reduced pretty extreme, considering larger / high resolution screens are pretty common.
I’m on there but have posted a handful of times, maybe less.

Mostly go there to browse topics on the odd occasion.