Drum flip cam footage from live show


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This is some footage I took with a flip cam during a show my band played recently in Louisville, Kentucky while on tour with Framing Hanley and Sore Eyes, which was a TON of fun, because they are all cool as hell. I would like to mention that I have some serious issues with my drumming in terms of technique and stick grip and the actual motion of the stick and how it hits the head, which started years ago when I started thinking about stick grip and fulcrum and technique and all that crap- before that, I just played and it felt great. Now I think about how I hold the stick, and it always feels like the stick is going to fly out of my hand unless I put a death grip on it. I am quite perfectionistic and obsessive and it has screwed with my drumming a lot. More than I am comfortable mentioning. I know it doesn't look like much of this is going on though. I do not sometimes feel relaxed and comfortable at the drums, although it has gotten better. It doesn't feel natural anymore. Maybe I am trying to hit too hard, all of the time, which I am, but so what? Dave Grohl and John Bonham did it... I suppose I feel a lot of pressure to be as good as every drummer I ever admired, because my band, Ionia, is somewhat entering the national spotlight, and we are in the process of recording and I want to make something I am proud of. Anyway, any pointers would be appreciated, besides 'getting lessons' because I don't have the money right now. Thanks!!!!

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Reading your post makes me feel pretty sad. For joy to be lost due to over analysis is such a shame. First off, I didn't pick up any timing bloopers on your video, but I did pick up a player who has skills & passion. I wouldn't have picked up this was due to over analysis if you hadn't said something, but I can see & feel the tension in your playing. I also think you're hitting harder than you need to.

You see, I'm pretty much the opposite of you, in so much as I take peer critique for not concentrating on technique enough, yet I have so much fun playing live. I'm very relaxed when I play, & I play so far under my technical ability, I don't have to think too much about the mechanics of the task of drumming. I'm thinking about the music when I play, & getting off on the whole vibe.

Maybe practicing your drum parts at a much lower volume is a good start. Getting that speed & intensity but without hitting the crap out of the drums is the way to go. That way, you're not fearful of the sticks flying out of your hands, so your grip can relax. You're also getting some dynamic control back, & that can be used to creative good. Funny thing is, you can probably cut the effort by 50% without changing the drum volume by much at all. I can see you're over hitting them, & for the most part, they're choking out. Drums reach a point where no matter how hard you hit them, they don't produce any more sound, & you've easily reached that point.

Hey, you're clearly a good player, but you need to take back control. Right now, you're serving your perception of correct technique, whereas it's technique that should be serving you. Forget about the mechanics of playing drums, in fact, forget about playing drums period, & try being a musician. Get off on the song, & let the drumming follow your desire to be a part of it.

Good luck mate!


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I really appreciate what you said, and i am sorry to make you sad. I realized when writing this that this was a distinct possibility, but I had to vent this stuff a little bit, because I feel like I am sitting on a mound of talent, and simply want to express all of my passion for the drums and music more than anything in life. Thank you so much for your response and for your honesty. I will consider everything you said.


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Your hands look fine. Didn't see as much of the right hand but the left looks good, but god how loose do you want your hats to be? They're just flopping everywhere :p
Nice playing and music too. I like your band and will be checking you out.