Drum Doctors = A+

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Just need to say this,
I am sure some of you know of or have worked with Drum Doctors in Glendale, CA. Anyway, I took a trip there today to rent a snare drum for the night. Ross is such a cool guy, and helped me out in a big way!

I walked in and the first thing he asked was "what sound do you want?" After talking to him about it for a bit, he sat me down at a kit and tuned up 3 or 4 snares and let me go to town.

I felt real overwhelmed by the amount of gear they had and how easy they are to work with. It was like being in heaven!

A++++ for Drum Doctors!!!

I took a few pics, only like two. but you can find them on my Myspace and Facebook pages in my signature. They are in albums called Logan's Heroes (That's who I am doing a session for tonight)


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Ross is great. I've worked with him for a long time now. He's always been very helpful in any way he can. And he knows drums.