Drum Dial or Tune Bot?

C.M. Jones

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I use 3 in one but may switch to this because it sticks to the threads.

They forgot to put the word Pearl after the word WHITE

If Pearl makes lithium grease....I'm telling on you...
Lucas Lithium Grease is excellent. It won't disappoint. But, of course, I'd drop it in an instant for a Pearl version.


"Uncle Larry" - Administrator
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Has anyone tried the Drum Dial on a Remo Pinstripe or Evans EC2 head? I gotta believe the material inserted between the plies will affect the readouts.
With Pinstripes as well as EC2's...there's nothing in between the plies. It's not oil, it's just light refraction. It looks exactly like oil but it's not.

Hydraulics are the only heads I can name that actually have a different material between the plies, oil.