Drum Department Video Interviews


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I guess whenever someone has the tenacity and "balls" if you will, to move ahead and do something a million other people only think about doing, there has to be a percentage of people like myself, who think they can do it better. I just watched the David Garibaldi interview on the Drum Department channel and must say, Mr. Garibaldi gave a good interview DESPITE the stiffness and discomfort of the host. There had to be at least five if not more, opportunities to loosen David up and get him talking about something that would be of great interest to himself and subsequently, to others viewing the interview. The interview had too much a feel of, I will ask you a question I have written and you will answer while I obsess on the next question I will ask. This creates a polite but uncomfortable reaction to the person who is being interviewed and the answers he is providing. Rather than ask the subject to expound or to go into more detail regarding his answer, the interviewer is already busied with the next question and the viewer gets the picture that the interviewer isn't really listening to the answer being given. Having said that, KUDOS TO THE INTERVIEWER FOR BEING THAT PERSON WHO GETS TO INTERVIEW THESE GREAT MUSICIANS. I'm not that guy and the rest of us aren't that guy so what can you say......right?