Drum cart?


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Anyone on here use a drum cart to cut down on trips back and forth to the vehicle? I'm thinking about which one to get. The RockNRoller seems to be a pretty popular choice. Got any pics of it loaded up? What do you use? How do you like it? Thanks in advance.


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I still swear by my collapsible camp wagons - cheaper than the rock-n-roller type carts, and available almost everywhere. 1619556163221.png


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I have a Gorilla Cart. I've never put drums on mine. My drums dont leave the house.

Take the sides off and it becomes a flatbed that's 2x3'. It will easily hold drums.

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I have two RocnRoller carts. The R8 MultiCart is fairly compact, has a 500 lb load rating and is great for paved parking lots and indoor venues.
The R18 MultiCart rules for outside venues on gravel, dirt, grass, rough terrain, whatever with its all terrain tires. Holds up to a 750 pound
load but is likely overkill for your needs. The overall length of each cart is adjustable to help secure your gear. Sorry, no photos of them loaded.

If you want to cover indoor/outdoor use with only one cart I would look at an appropriate size RocnRoller for your size kit that has all terrain tires.

I love both of my MultiCarts and my only regret is that I didn't buy one 30 years ago. Probably the single best purchase I've ever made.



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The RockNRoller seems to be a pretty popular choice. What do you use? How do you like it?
I've got the RockNRoller multi-cart. (R8). Hauls drums ..... hauls amps ...... even hauls Art Show stuff for the wife. Killer piece of gear. Def. has paid for itself.


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For sure pull it. Just like the Home Depot flatbeds.

I like the rock and roller because...it's fairly light. It folds up. if I stand it up longways in my van and bungee it to something it's got a small compact footprint. I still need a rolling hardware bag. My multiple trip load in/load out days are over. RnR cart, rolling hardware bag and drummer, all in one trip. I've walked blocks with them. I get double duty from them, what with hauling heavy work items from here to there when not gigging.

I should have got the R-12 so I can put my hardware bag on it like Ryan does.

I have to push my hardware bag and pull my RnR. Pushing a rolling hardware bag from behind, in a straight line, is not a given ha ha

If I have the latitude I definitely pull both, but I usually don't. DOH!

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Yeah, pulling it is much easier. Gets pretty wonky trying to push it. I've since replaced the Ahead OGIO hardware bag with a Beato Pro 1 bag, specifically because the Beato bag is rectangular and fits on my RocknRoller easier than the Ahead.

EDIT: The band guys love it as well. I try to get to gigs a few minutes before everyone else, not only to stake out my territory, but also to unload and make my R&Rer available for them to use to haul stuff in.


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I have owned an R8 Rock N Roller cart for about 20 years now . Never had one issue with it and it is still going strong . A great acquisition .


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R14 = one trip for drums. I don’t even want to think about how much extra work I did before I bought that cart. Worth every penny.

I use a 32” (?) protection racket hardware soft bag. Assembling stands isn’t that big of a deal to me.


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I was shopping for cases and came across the Drum Sled. I have long hardware bag but nothing this deep...looks like Dracula's portable coffin. Not sure how drummers putting there for this dimension unless it's a rack and not collapsing hardware.

I caught a unboxing video the other day for a bubinga star and the delivery guy stacked his little cart three boxes high and the boxes are all wobbling about. No wonder I read so much delivery damage on the forum here.



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Can you fit a kit in that though?
In three trips. I can't put as much weight into a single trip because of back issues, so this is a good compromise for me.


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Update: I bought the Gator version of the Rock n Roller. Here's a link (I didn't buy from Sweetwater but another company):

How did it do? It broke on the first day. The little pin you push in to make the cart expand broke. It actually split. I'm getting back in touch with the place I bought it, but the problem is I'm 2 hours away from them. I hope it gets resolved. Ugh.


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I just throw it all on a table with a large table cloth-then just wrap it up and go-no problem. You want a thin table to go up stairs and make sure you carry it with the bass drum up high like this cause it will clip the back of your legs the reverse ROFL. Unknown.jpeg


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*goes to Lowe's, steals a cart*


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I found that while a rock-n-roller cart does fold up a bit, it still takes up too much space in my car. I go from the car to the set up in two trips and use this for the drums.

It folds flat when I'm not using it.