Drum Cake


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My girlfriend is a baking and pastry arts student and for my 22nd birthday this year, she decided to make me a cake in the theme of my UDRUM custom drums, it turned out great!

The cake is rich chocolate, the icing is made from real Reese's© Peanut Butter, and between layers there is mini peanut butter cups :)

The only parts that weren't edible were the lugs (made from straws) and the 'evans' & 'Udrum' badges drumsandcake.jpg

the best quote came from my 18 year old brother: "This cake is so good, it has ruined all other cakes for me"
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all i can say is wow she has some skills...if this was facebook i would hit the like button lol


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One of the coolest things I've seen around here in a long time. Send it to Modern Drummer; they would get a kick out of it.


Very creative. It has all the things that make life good.


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Dont eat it..play it!!! nice cake.... amazing, but remo pinstripes taste better..jaja
sweet lord..........thats the nicest thing i have seen so far. we have seen new kits, refinished kits, exotic expensive kits.............but never something so creative and tasteful.
must be yummmmm..........did ya eat it yet? how did it sound?


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thanks everyone for the kind words, my gf is so happy you all liked it!

the pics are old (may 17th) i had forgotten to post them.

the cake was seriously SO tasty! it was enjoyed by all.