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very tight! i dig the groove, and also your idea with the ducktape, and the spalsh cymbal on the snare :D i saw it allready when jonny rabb was doing it, but without duck tape :):):)
take care


Really really nice! Are you using a trigger on your bass drum? l watched a few of your bands songs on youtube: immense!!!

Anders Meinhardt

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Thanks everybody!!!

@ King Fail: Yes the bass drum we used for this track was a 16"

@ Chimpy3: There's no trigger on any of the drums/cymbals

Drummer Karl

Not just tight but also groovy. A big difference...you play with feel and soul, that`s amazing to hear and see.
I love the tunes on your and your band`s myspace, especially "Bubbles" featuring MetteMana! The sounds create a nice flowing vibe!

Really great job!



What a great groove and sound! The perfect illusion of a drum+bass beat but with a human soul! Great!



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Great stuff Anders.. loved it duct tape & all : ).......... very tight playing and I liked the reverse cymbal effect of the taped cymbal


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I was trying to figure out where those 32nd notes were coming from before I saw your left foot playing them!! Nice job. Totally groovy and what a drum sound. If I close my eyes, it sounds like a drum machine! In a good way.


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Anders! I've been a big fan of your playing for, probably about a year now. I think of all the guys playing DnB right now you definitely have the edge. You're really replicating the programmed sounds cleverly. I've been using the left foot thing for a while on the hi hat, it's a great idea and pretty innovative.

Could you maybe upload a version of your tutorials with subtitles? Ever since I first saw them I wished I could get any important tips you were giving.

Really impressed with the videos man, keep it up!



"play with fire" its a badass song too bad it cuts at the end


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nice drum kit, nice playing!
can you write me what cymbals and drums do you use??
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wow i'm very impressed you actually recorded that acoustically. Did you make that cymbal thing on your snare drum? i think meinl actually make cymbals like that for the same sort of purpose.
Wow that was impressive. I am curious to know how you got the cymbal effect where the cymbal faded in and out rapidly? I really dont know how to describe it, i hope you know what i mean.


I must say I do like the TWO hi hat thing you have going on. You can work them quick and do achieve different and alternating sounds doing so. TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPY