Drum bag recommendations?


"Uncle Larry"
I’m looking for recommendations for a bass drum bag. The problem I’m having is that my bass drum spur points have ripped and ruined the lining inside of the bass drum bag. I’m looking for a nice tough bag that isn’t lined. Any advice will be welcomed. Id like to do better than the ultra cheap unlined offerings. An actual canvas bag made to fit a bass drum would be ideal. Maybe I’ll hire someone to sew me up one. Hard cases I won’t consider. Thanks in advance.


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I'd design and make my own out of duck tape and canvas-decide on zipper or velcro. Basically a duck tape skeleton lined with canvas. Duck tape is plenty strong but could get heavy without a lot being canvas. I use to use duck tape wallets (I also made me water proof fishing bag, a tire cover for my fishing boat, my first hanging drum stick holder was duck tape, etc) till my kids and wife started giving me real ones for gifts-because they thought it was so "tacky" LOL. Maybe experiment using duck tape then get a seamstress to sew it together when you get what you want?


"Uncle Larry"
Thanks Chris. They look great. I actually just ordered one for my 22" bass drum and one for my 13" rack tom which I mysteriously cannot find the PR case it came in. I like the fur and I really need semi stiff sides too, especially on the BD case. My bass drum used to fit snugly inside of a 20" PR case but not since I modded the bass drum with a tom tree mount, so I need a new 22" case.


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i'd heartily reccomend the ahead armor cases. ive got them for all of my drums and ive yet to have issues with any of the cases :)

Bo Eder

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Hard case? How about one of those ProTechtor cases without foam? Then you don't have to worry about ripping at all.


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Another vote here for Ahead Armor. Been using them for several years in some unsavory conditions and the only real wear has been on a 22x14 bag that I'm squeezing a 22x17 kick into... otherwise they're pretty solid!


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If you didn't get any bags yet, I can recommend BEATO Bags, 1000%
Worth every cent. Great zippers, solid quality.
I have a cymbal bag, stick bag, pedal bag, hardware bag. LOVE them.