Drum(backline) rental in Frankfurt, Germany?


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I think this is too late to make a difference but...

I'm playing in Frankfurt, Germany on Feb 21st. The guy I'm playing for has tried to research renting back line drums for the gig but has come up with only very expensive or very iffy solutions.

Anybody from Frankfurt or who has gigged there know of a good place to check?

I'm going to end up bringing a cajon on the plane as luggage because of the situation but might be able to change that if I recommend a solid, reasonable choice.




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It's not too late but, if you're doing a backline gig why are you worrying about the instruments? They will be provided by the venue. I would think that a venue in Germany (or anywhere else) would have an instrument provider in their area. With a backline gig, I would only worry about the quality of the gear, unless you've specified in your contract what gear is to be provided.


Just for anyones' information........Blue Lines Backline is a great rental house in Frankfurt.....ask for Mingo.......He's the Man.....and he's been doing my stuff as well as many other profs for many years....... They have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.
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Hey Rick,

Thanks for chiming in. Good timing as the leader just let me know he's renting from Blue Lines Backline. :)

I'll try to let everybody know my experiences after I get back from Germany.



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Blue Lines Backline - Frankfurt Germany

Great backline company from my experience.

First - thanks to Rick Latham for the endorsement. I wasn't involved in the shopping process for a backline company but was encouraged by Rick's vote.Blue Lines was selected by the artist and I was able to trust that all would be as promised as we were arriving and playing the same day in a country/city I hadn't visited before.

I asked for and received a Sonor Delite 4 piece kit with K Zildjian cymbals in excellent condition. Remo Ambassadors on snares and toms, Powerstroke 3 on bass drum(I think?) all in nearly new condition. All sturdy Sonor hardware save the DW9000 pedal supplied for the bass drum.

So big thumbs up should you ever got to Frankfurt and need solid high quality drum backline

BTW: I picked Sonor but there were representations of several brands including DW and Gretsch. I say this as some might think Sonor being a German based company might be all they had. Not so.Plenty of selection.

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