Drum Arrangements for the Set


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I have been practicing the parts for a Chinese ensemble. I practice them at the same time on a drum set using a cymbal, bass, and tom. It is kind of fun. I wonder if there are any drum song books (songs for drums and other percussive instruments) that are arranged for the drums set. I've done a couple rock groove and jazz fill books, which are ok, but don't have much in the way of songs, and limited arrangements, as well as a marching snare book.


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Some of those look good, I guess the arrangements tend to get lumped into the drum solo category, which in my mind leaps to extended fill sections in a song. I guess there is a difference between drum solo in a song and solo drum songs.
You can use you own filter to get rid of the solos you deem too short in length. You asked, I supplied compositions for solo drum set performance.
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