Drum Apps?


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So, I'm not gonna lie. I've probably spent around $50 on drum apps. And by that I mean actual kits that you tap to play. How do you guys feel about this? Benefits and ..... Nonbenefits? Bad /good habits that could come out of using these apps... Obsesively. For hours? I'll list some of my favorite apps.

Ratatap drums
Pocket Drums

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I don't use those types of apps at the moment, but for teaching, getting the right kind of loop going quickly I used to.

I mostly use DrumJam now, though. The real time playing feature on it sounds great live if you don't need to be able to play it in a different way technically.


I hate them, they're about as useful as a screen door in a battleship......

My foot is my kick, my knees are my snare etc etc, really don't need those apps, although if they linked to transistor gloves/socks then that would be interesting