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The above examples are obviously extreme for effect, but I'm always amazed that position #1 is ever even adopted by anyone. Apparently there are enough doing this that there is a market for pedals that have footboards that angle for such players, but it just doesn't make sense to me. It has to be even more awkward than it looks, I would imagine. I'm not that concerned about my shoulders being perfectly square with the front of the stage, especially considering that since my legs hug the snare far more than the examples above, my shoulders don't angle that much to the left and my torso doesn't have to twist much, if anything, to the right to reach anything.
This is a better representation of how I (and most drummers, I had always thought) sit at either single or double bass kits.
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I am more like the first, single bass drum. Sort of a 1.5 of the Commanders two shots.


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The top example is how I play. It looks more "correct" to have the bass drum square with the front of the stage, but I'm sitting at an angle for ergonomics.
Those are the only 2 options as far as I'm concerned.

Which is more important? That the audience sees your pretty bass drum head or that you're comfortable while playing? (I don't know how anyone twists their ankle to that degree just so they can see the audience front on AND have the bass drum facing them)


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I think we have all seen drummers sit in many places on the stage. Left front, at a 45 degree, where the head angle makes no difference, to out front to buried in the back. Set up comfortable, and don't be concerned about the drum head. many drummers have no artwork.


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I'm definitely a 2, but my knees hug a 13" snare. The spread is much less.


Ive only been playing three years and started off square to stage cause apparently .."it looks better" then one day accidentally nudged the BD thru a few degrees off........and it immediately "played better" Whoever thinks the former needs to go on a long hike.


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I use Vector pedals which take care of the problem. View attachment 104783
Didn't even know these existed! I play heel up so having my foot perfectly perpendicular down the full length of the footboard is not something I've ever even thought about. My BD is square on,body slightly angled left and right foot slightly skewed across the pedal......


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Why is it necessary that every band members directly faces the audience? That makes it a lot harder for the band to keep eye contact. Sticking to a setup that enables the band to communicate and perform at their best seems much more respectful...
These three make eye contact throughout every concert. It’s a great stage setup unless you wanna see Simon Phillips.



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You don't have to twist you ankle in #1. Some player like Rodney Holmes intentionally angles on the foot board. Some of the advance foot techniques you see Jojo or Zack Hill play is not based on a parallel foot/foot board position if swiveling for fast double/triple strokes. I don't think there is a 'wrong' way per se. But foot position on the foot and bass drum to audience position are two completely different things (unless you must always face the audience, which I think is a strange rule).



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I don't know how anyone twists their ankle to that degree just so they can see the audience front on AND have the bass drum facing them.
You'd be surprised. I know a few drummers who do just this & then complain that their shins, ankles & feet hurt. :rolleyes:


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To those who say you should square your bass drum to the audience rather than you to the audience or the other way around, I would ask them how they choose their seats when going to a general admission show with a drummer they want to watch. I don't know about anyone else but I usually try to find an angle that has me off to the left of a right handed drummer so I can see his left hand. So, the angle of Simon Philips shown above would be perfect for my viewing pleasure.