drum and bass groups


I have recently gotten into the drum and bass stuff especially Jojo Mayer's Nerve, i see they dont have any cds out yet, is there any other groups out there that have cds out, i would like to get and listen and learn the techniques, any help would be appreciated. Thks

king fail

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There are various bands like F.U.K.T (their drummer is a member here) around, but Nerve to me are unique in their ability to reproduce Jungle authentically, there is no other human who can play the genre and the old breaks with as much skill as Jojo.

I think Johnny Rabb has a band, and KJ Sawka does a solo DnB thing, but i think you'll understand what i mean when you compare their styles to Nerve.

EDIT: Raymond Bloom is the man to ask about this, shoot him a PM