Drum against Cancer

Hey Drummers,
In my last thread I posted a link to my facebook page "Drum against Cancer". If you are wondering what the Idea behind it is, I'll be donating $1 for every stroke I play (single strokes) in 60 seconds to the kids with cancer foundation ward here in Sydney Australia.

I just received the good news that I got the approval to do so and I will be doing it at the Randwick Childrens hospital here in Sydney on the 26th of October. Sydney Drummers if you are on here, Come down and check it out!! It'll be a cool day, pledge a few bucks for the kids, grab a sausage off the BBQ and enjoy it!



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It is a good thing that you are doing.
I am doing several gigs this fall with my Jazz band to raise money for breast cancer prevention.
You've inspired me to try and get something like this going in my town.

Good Luck.
Go for it Buddy! For whatever cause you do it for, its a big thing. Do it ok :)
Thank you both for replying and thank you for both wanting to you use your talents for the good.
My event is officially a yearly event now :)