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I found this cruising about this morning. Check it out

Hey, thanks for linking to my site - really appreciated! Hopefully people find it useful.

It's quite new at the moment, I've only recently got it to a point where I can share it with the world. The plan is to add a lot more content over time so keep checking back.

I'd be happy to hear any comments or feedback from people, or any suggestions on things people would like to see.


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Thanks, site is very useful for comparing equivalents from one company to another. After my recent experience with Remo I'm either going back to Evans or going to give Aquarian a try. The only head Ive used by Aquarian is the triple threat on a snare (it was onsale). it was ok.


I just found your site. Very informative. Is there any way to put Attack drum heads into the mix?

Hey Spud - not at this stage unfortunately... I just don't know enough about them to warrant writing in-depth pages on each of them like I've been able to do with the other heads. I honestly haven't used many Attack heads myself. In the future I'd love to add other brands, but it's quite time consuming/expensive to really test them!


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Cool site.
So here's something that's been bugging me... Are all these fancy heads with dots and dampening rings etc really necessary? Is it not better to go with a standard single or double ply head and apply dampening as needed to suit the drum?