Dream Theater/Portnoy/Sporthalle, Hamburg


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I will be in Hamburg next weekend and I see that Dream Theater will be playing at Sporthalle Arena. I will be traveling alone and at 55, not quite certain that I'm going to fit in, but I have an urge to see some of the more acclaimed drummers as I occasionally have the opportunity in my travels. I saw Linkin Park last month in Macao, but I attended with friends.

Do any of you have any thoughts on my attending a show like this? Alone? I'm not too familiar with their music, but I do have a few songs on my ipod. I'm thinking of going. Am I nuts? Do they put on a good show or is Portnoy alone worth the effort? Thanks. Joey


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Mate, they put on an awesome show! Its well worth all the money and travel, and dont worry, i've seen heaps of middle aged men at their shows! =D. Mike is Absolutely Awesome! But the band is Phenomenal =D You're a lucky fella :). If you get to meet Mike somehow Tell him Australia says g'day ;) =D.

I hope you have alot of fun joey =).

Catch a stick ;).

Best of Regards,


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Dream Theater shows tend to not bring out the mosh pits anymore.

If you've never seen Dream Theater in concert, it's worth it to say you did.


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Yeah, well whats the real point of the mosh pit seriously? They arent thrash metal lol :p. They are progressive :). But they still throw together a fantastic show


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I saw them on Progressive Nation 08 (Missed 09 this year :( ) and they put on a ridiculously entertaining show.

Portnoy will wow you with his showmanship while never once missing a beat and just having fun with his parts onstage. The whole band is just a group of guys playing together to have fun and it really shows... the band chemistry is ridiculous.

I'd say going to see Portnoy would be worth the price of admission but you'll get FAR more than that. Without a doubt go.