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Re: Dream Kit with endless budget what would you get?

Eh? wasnt this just a thread already? Ok....

Guru In-tense series drums in ash with ovangkol hoops.

10x8 rack
13x11 floor
18x14 bass drum
14x12 bass drum

Guru steam bent ash with ovangkol hoops 13x7 (this is still the snare sound of my dreams)

Aquarian modern vintage on batter for toms, and same for both bass batter and reso.
Evans j1 etched on snare.

Istanbul Mehmet Turk Hi hats 14", crash 18", flat ride 19", sultan heavy ride 20", radiant splash 10".

Perfect to me.


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It was a thread already because I moved it to drums. I have moved it again.

Gretsch USA Custom of course.


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I think "griffman" posted a new thread instead of a response in the other thread started by "samaster".
My dream kit changes with the wind, so please be aware this may change by tomorrow! This is a righty set up too.

Gretsch USA Custom in tobasco finish.

Tama Bell Brass 14x6.5 snare.

Sabian Cymbals
14" HHX X-Celerator hats
18" HHX Evolution Crash (left of hats)
20" HHX Evolution Ride (as a crash, right of hats)
24" AA Bash Ride
20" HHX X-Plosion Crash
20" AAX Aero Crash

Snare: Evans Genera HD Dry batter, 300 hazy reso
Toms: Evans G2 coated batters, clear G2 resos
Bass: Evans EMAD Heavyweight batter, EMAD reso

Sticks: Vic Firth Titan Extreme 5Bs (oh how I wish they existed...)

Ollie Bonugli

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Mapex Horizon 10x8" (I know it's a cheaper line but I love this tom)
Rest are Premier Elites: 12x8"
22x18" bass (X2)
Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer 14x6.5" Brass snare

Evans G2 Clears over G1 Clears for toms
PCRD over Hazy 300 w/ Puresound 20 strand Blaster wires for snare
EMAD with REMAD for bass

Ahead 5B sticks

Rack (not sure which one yet), probably be a Gibraltar or some sort

Mapex Falcon pedals

Cymbals: Left to right/up to down. [number=stack] (t)ight, (m)edium (l)oose
Zildjian 21" A Mega Bell ride
Sabian 19" AAX X-Treme china
Sabian 14" Xs20 X-Celerator hats
Stagg 8" SH Medium splash
Sabian 18" Xs20 Medium-Thin crash
Zildjian 8" ZXT Titanium Trashformer [1] (t)
Paiste 10" Black Alpha 'Hyper' splash [1] (t)
Paiste 12" Alpha Metal splash
Sabian 8" chopper
Sabian 10" B8 splash
Sabian 6" AAX splash [2] (m)
Sabian 7" HHX Evolution splash [2] (m)
Sabian 8" AA china splash [2] (m)
Meinl 19" Mb10 Medium crash
Meinl 20" Mb10 Medium crash
Wuhan 14" china lion [3] (l)
Wuhan 18" china lion [3] (l)
Sabian 22" HH Power Bell ride
Stagg 20" DH china [4] (m)
Sabian 12" HHX Evolution splash [4] (m)
Meinl 20" Mb20 Rock china
Sabian 18" HHX Fierce crash

Seems like lots of cymbals (22), but when you take into account that some are stacked, there aren't as many (17). Still a lot but hey, we can dream
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Mapex Saturn IV Exotic 6pc Drum Set Deep Water Ash Burl

beauty - heard a set in nashville sounds as good as it looks

way more modest than TB - I will keep the cymbals I already have and just add a splash and a china -

pretty pictures linked below

Just picked up a Saturn IV.. Amazing drums period. Dream kit.? That's tough to nail down. Probably my Saturns.


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Tama Star Bubinga in Indian laurel
Ludwig Black Beauty snare
Pork Pie Piccolo 13x3

DW MDD pedal x2
DW 9000 Remote hi hat
DW 9000 rack system
All DW 9000 series hardware

Signature Blue Bell ride 22"
RUDE Wild crash 18",19"
RUDE Basher crash 20"
Custom 2002 Novo china 24"
2002 china 20"
RUDE Blast china 14"
Signature Mega cup chime 13"
Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hi-Hat 14"
2002 splash 10",12"
2002 cup chime 6",8"
PSTX Swiss Medium crash 18"
PSTX Flanger stack 14"
PSTX Pure bell 10"
Alpha Metal ride 20"
32" Sound Creation Gong No.3A Earth


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I'm sitting behind it right now!

Stone Custom Koa/Cherry
7x10, 8x12, 12x14, 14x16, 17x22, 4x14.

Sabian AAX Maxx Splashes 7,9,11
HHXGroove hats 15
Sabian HHX Xplosion Crashes 17 19
Sabian Artisan 22 Medium ride
19" AAX Xtreme china

DW pedals


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My Dream kit would be,

a Tama Starclassic b/b Performer in Volcanic Burst:

22x18 BD (Evans Eq2)
16x16 FT (Evans G2 Clear)
12x9 TT (Evans G2 Clear)
10x8 TT (Evans G2 Clear)

And a Tama Starphonic Brass Snare 14x6 with Evans Heavyweight, Power Center, ST Dry or Hybrid depending on style of music.



Byzance 14" Sand Hi-hat
Mb20 18" Heavy Crash
Mb20 22" Heavy Bell Ride (already got it!)
Byzance 18" Sand Medium Crash
Byzance 18" Traditional China
Byzance 10" Traditional Splash
Byzance 20" Brilliant China

With some extra cymbals to change with on the side for fun/other styles:
Byzance Brilliant 18" Medium Crash
Byzance 21" Dark Ride
Mb10 19" Medium Crash
Mb10 17" Medium Crash
Sound Caster Custom 18" Powerful Crash
Sound Caster Custom 16" Powerful Crash

The hardware would be all Tama (with the Speedcobra Hi-hat in particular) except the pedals that would be Czarcie Kopyto (which i ordered last November and they're arriving in about 3 weeks!)

Picture of the kits Finish!

The Czarcie Kopyto Pedal!
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Matt Bo Eder

I would really love to get into some George Way Drums. I saw them at NAMM and the craftsmanship was great, and they sounded really warm too.

But then I went home and tuned my Ludwig Classic Maples really well and managed to get those tones too, so I may already have what I need.

But it's always nice to have more.


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Yamaha Recording Custom toms in Tobacco Burst (YESS, MIJ)
14X16 ft
16X18 ft
Yamaha Maple Custom Bass Drum in Tobacco Burst (YESS, MIJ)
Taye 7X14 Studio Maple Wood Hoop & Yamaha 6.5X14 chrome snare drums

Yamaha 700 & 800 series stands and hi hat
DW 5000 single pedal

14" Zildjian Mastersound Hi Hats
10" Sabian HH splash(2)
14" Zildjian A thin crash
16" Zildjian A thin crash
17" Zildjian A thin crash
18" Zildjian A thin crash
18" Zildjian A Swish
21" Sabian HH Medium Ride

Why these particular pieces? Because except for the drums that's what I own and I'm very satisfied with them. I've had the drums, too, ('cept the Taye)and I want them back!



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Fortunate enough to own my dream kit. I miiiiiiiiight get a different finish if I could choose from all of them, but this finish is really beautiful and has really grown on me. Would also like to have a LM402 and some additional cymbals for a true "dream" set up.

Ludwig Legacy Classic

5x14 LM400


15" 602 Pre-Serial
18" Giant Beat
20" Giant Beat
18" 2002 Crash
24" 2002 Rig Ride