Dream kit


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If $$ was not an issue... ahhh...

Hendrix Custom Drums Bubinga ArcheType Stave Kit (2up & 3down)

Finish: Hi Gloss Dark Burst...

Mounted Toms: 9x10" & 10x12"
Floor Toms: 12x14", 14x16" & 16x18"
Kick: 18x26"

Hendrix Custom Bubinga ArcheType Stave w/ real abalone inlay & tube lugs: 7x14" (this is being built as I type this!!)
Ludwig Hammered Black Beauty w/ tube lugs: 6.5x14"

HH: Paiste Giant Beat 14"
Splash: Paiste Alpha Boomer 12"
Crashes: Paiste 2002 16" Med & Paiste 2002 18" Power
China: Paiste Rude Novo 18"
Ride: Paiste Giant Beat 24"

DW 9000 series HW all around!

... You can't fire a cannon from a canoe!


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That's easy, I'd get a kit made from every single drum in every single size and every single color...ever made.

But drums are easy. Actually, I'd rather take the MasterWork cymbal foundry and set it in my back yard, along with the workers. With me being the boss of course. They'd have to make anything I want.

Ollie Bonugli

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Cymbals: Numbers in brackets indicate a stack. Brilliant finish where possible. + means I have it
Sabian 20" AAX Metal ride
Sabian 18" Xs20 china
Sabian 14" AAX X-Celerator hi-hats
Sabian 19" AAX Metal crash
Meinl 19" Mb10 Medium crash +
Sabian 19" AAX X-Plosion crash
Sabian 18" Xs20 Medium-Thin crash +
Sabian 6" AAX splash [0]
Sabian 8" AAX splash [0]
Sabian 12" B8 Pro splash [1]
Sabian 14" AAX Mini china [1]
Sabian 16" HHX Stage crash
Sabian 14" AA Metal hi-hats
Sabian 19" Paragon china [2]
Sabian 10" AAX Air splash [2]
Zildjian 21" A Mega Bell ride (getting soonish)
Sabian 19" AAX X-Treme china (getting soon)
Stagg 8" SH Medium splash +
Zildjian 8" ZXT Titanium trashformer [3, very tight] +
Paiste 10" Black Alpha 'Hyper' splash [3, very tight] +
Zildjian 14" ZXT Titanium trashformer [4]
Zildjian 8" ZXT Titanium trashformer [4]
Wuhan 14" china Lion +
Wuhan 18" china Lion +
Wuhan 12" New Traditional splash [5]
Sabian 16" Solar crash (with DIY O-Zoning) [5] + will Ozone it soon
Sabian 10" B8 splash +
Sabian 10" Chopper
Stagg 6" SH splash [6]
Zildjian 8" A Custom splash [6]
Stagg 12" DH china splash [6]
Got the idea for a triple stack (number [6]) off Jordthedrumbum on YouTube

Drums: By Premier (unsure on line, and have no idea on most drum depths)
8" tom
10" tom
12" tom +
13" tom +
14"x14" floor tom
16" floor tom +
22" bass (X2) + (have 1 with a double pedal)
14"x5" Bronze snare

Evans G2 Clears over G1 Clears for toms +
Evans EMAD with Custom graphic Smooth Bass for bass +
Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot over Hazy 300 with Puresound 20 strand Blaster wires +

Unsure on stands and pedals

Ahead sticks +
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The Rev's Snake Skin kit.
Or DW Collectors series. Not sure what finish
8 10 12 14 16 all rack mount
2x bass drums. Not sure on size
DW rack
Sabian AAX cymbals


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Ludwig Legacy Classic

6.5x14 LM402

Same cymbals and heads I have now (with maybe a few extras)


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I already have most of it, my Pork Pies are my favorite of my many kits. However, if I had all the $$ in the world...Ray Ayotte era Ayotte Custom:
20" Kick
28" Remote kick
Keplinger Snare


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Dunnett Titanium Shell Kit including the Ti snare.

Since there are so few of them, I would be able to have a relatively unique sound.



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My Dream kit:

DW Performance series

12" 14" rack toms (one on it's own stand the other cymbal mounted)
16" 18" floor toms
22" Bass drum
14" Pioneer Greiner Kilmer snare

Finish: Toronto Blue Jays themed....with blue base and white stripes.


24" Sabian Big Ugly Ride
18" Sabian HHX X-splosion Crash
18" Sabian HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
16" Sabian HHX Stage Crash
16" Sabian AAX X-Splosion Crash (have that)
10" Sabian AAX Splash
18" Paiste Rude China
14" Paiste Blast China
14' Sabian AAX X-Splosion Hi-hats

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That's easy, I'd get a kit made from every single drum in every single size and every single color...ever made.

But drums are easy. Actually, I'd rather take the MasterWork cymbal foundry and set it in my back yard, along with the workers. With me being the boss of course. They'd have to make anything I want.
That's easy to say when you already own a dream kit. My dream kit!


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There's a period every year when I'm out playing alot, and rather than being able to have whatever I wanted (I'm pretty happy with the gear I have now), I'd buy the people and a truck for them to have my stuff wherever it needs to be in the world (if I ever get that busy) - set-up and ready to go when I get there, and when I'm done, to pack it up and take it away. Then all I have to do is show up. That would be my dream kit right there ;)
Like Neal Peart, who rides his motorcycle to gigs, sits down, plays, then it's "bike away"......Awesome!!


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Not sure on what company but...
Maple or birch
24x16 kick
14x10 rack rims mounted
18x16 floor with one of those floor rim mounts that mount on the bottom with the legs. ( real specific eh?)
14x5.5 snare
13x7 aux snare
Large, thin crashes, 18 and 20. Maybe a 19 too.
21 or 22 crash ride probably on the darker side for these.
14 inch hats on the brighter side.
20 inch wuhan china. I like cheap chinas.
Iron cobra power glide double pedal.


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Sonor SQ2 grey tribal
15x13 (for the left)
20 gong
Tama starphonic walnut
Tama Stewart Copeland 10in

Cymbals: All In inches of course
15 sabian artisan hats
13.25 k hybrid hats
16 trx brt

7 sabian evo
8 meinl dark
8 sabian aero
9 sabian max
10 k custom hybrid

11 New zildjian trash thing + 7 evo splash
18 meinl byzance flat China + 18 trash crash
20 byzance trash + 13 sabian studio crash
19 sabian holy China + 16 aero crash

17 sabianevo effeks
18 meinl sand crash
19 meinl extra dry thin
20 k custom session
22 Manhattan jazz ride

20 k pre aged dry
22 sabian legacy heavy ride
24 sabian B&U apollo

12 zildjian oriental trash
18 meinl extra dry thin
19 paiste 2002 novo (if that's a thing?)
20 meinl byaxance traditional
21 sabian holy

Also, if your still reading this; when I grow up I'm gonna start my own custom drum company that make 7, 9, 11, 15, and 17 inch toms cause that would be frikin' sweet! The hard part will be getting demo or Evans or somebody to make heads for me!


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Dream kit?

I am that kind of a person that goes for the dream.

That's what I did so when I saw the image of it which happened in 1994 I made the decision to get it some day and that was 2003.

What I saw in the Tama Profile catalog 1992-1993 I had received from the local music store was a picture of Lars Ulrich with a white Tama Granstar under the Rockstar 9 pcs. line. I did not realize the 5 factual errors on that page but a white Tama Granstar in a 9 pcs. setup.

Now how hard could it be to locate from Denmark?

We got it to be late '80s and at least 8 matching drums in the right sizes big 16*24 bass drums etc.

One yahoo search later that was what I found at John Henry rental in London UK which funny enough already Metallica has on a thank you list for ride the lightning.

I wanted Lars Ulrichs kit and somehow I believe I got it.


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Gretsch USA Shells. Black Oyster Pearl Wrap. All mahogany shells with a maple snare.

20x14 kick
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom
14x5.5 snare

Zildjian Cymbals (L to R)

15" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats
19" K Custom Dark Crash
20" K Custom Ride
17" K Custom Fast Crash

DW Hardware
5000 Kick Pedal
5000 Hi Hat Tri Leg stand
9700 Snare stands (one for tom, one for snare)
9700 Cymbal Stands

Remo Heads
Snare- Coated Vintage Ambassador / Hazy Ambassador
Tom- Coated Ambassador / Clear Ambassador
Floor- Coated Ambassador / Clear Ambassador
Kick- Coated Powerstroke 3 / Coated Ambassador

ProMark 5AL Nylon Tips with ActiveGrip
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To be honest, I feel very fortunate to have the stuff I have. But, if it's a wish kit, I'd probably roll with one of those hi-end Sonor kits like Gavin Harrison has. Don't know the model #'s. Saw him on Letterman show. His drums sounded terrific !!


If I had the $$$, I'd get get one of EVERYTHING! There are so many kits I'd love to have that why would I stop with just one?