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If you had an endless budget and every drum related company willing to make what you wanted...

What would you get?

Would it be along the lines of Terry Bozzio or slightly more modest?


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Re: Dream Kit with endless budget what would you get?

Guru In tense series:

18x14 bass drum
14x12 bass drum
10x8 rack
13x11 floor

Guru steam bent ash 13x7 with ovangkol hoops

Aquarian modern classic vintage on rack toms batter, and bass drum batter and reso.
Evans J1 etched on snare batter.

Istanbul mehmet Sultan hi-hats, sultan crash 18", sultan heavy 20" ride, radiant 10" splash.

Hammerax Boomywang.

Yeah that would make me VERY VERY VERY happy.


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Re: Dream Kit with endless budget what would you get?

I would buy John Bonhams green sparkle Ludwig kit from Jeff o.


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Re: Dream Kit with endless budget what would you get?

A nice Premier spitfire kit with a selection of Istanbuls
This one's a long shot, but I'd love to have it soo much.

Gretsch USA Custom in a regal blue mist finish, with gold hardware, set up Bonzo style :)

10x5, 12x6 and 13x7 concert toms to the left of my hi hats (Taylor Hawkins/Roger Taylor kinda vibe)

My (hopefully to be XD) Signature snare from Gretsch, a 14x7 3mm thick aluminium shell, black chrome hardware, tube lugs, triple flange top hoop, die cast bottom and 30 strand Puresound wires.
Mark Schulman Signature snare (secondary)

Sabian cymbals
15" HHX X-celerator hats
20" AAX Aero Crash (top left of concert toms)
20" AAX X-plosion Crash (top right of concert toms)
20" HHX Evolution ride (as a crash)
20" HHX X-Plosion crash
24" AA Bash Ride
19" Paragon China
21" Holy China

Evans Heads
Coated G2 batters, clear G2 resonants on toms
EMAD Heavyweight batter, EMAD Reso
(Main snare) Heavyweight snare, 500 hazy
(Secondary Snare) ST Dry, 300 hazy

Gold Gibraltar stands, gold DW 5000 pedal

And my LP Low Ridge Rider cowbell ;)
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Either a Legacy Ludwig Natural Birdseye Finish Zep-Set or The Stainless Steel Ludwig Zep-Set. Id be happy with either.



Either a Sonor 5-Star special edition kit with gold hardware and Ebony Makassar veneer, or Mapex Orions in Limited Edition Ocean Wave Blue Burl. Either one, I'd like 8/10/12/14/16 toms, 20" or 22" double bass drums and my current 14x6" Delite snare. Each bass drum would need a Sonor Giant Step Twin Effect pedal, so I could play either bass with toe & heel of either foot.

Bo Eder

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There's a period every year when I'm out playing alot, and rather than being able to have whatever I wanted (I'm pretty happy with the gear I have now), I'd buy the people and a truck for them to have my stuff wherever it needs to be in the world (if I ever get that busy) - set-up and ready to go when I get there, and when I'm done, to pack it up and take it away. Then all I have to do is show up. That would be my dream kit right there ;)


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Maple rack tom and birch floor. All 3 ply shells. One up (10) two down (16 and 18)

I don't know about bass size... but if the sky was the limit I'd have two maybe a 22 and a 26.

Two snares, 1 metal, 1 staved....

Cymbals? I'd go visit "the vault" at the Zildjian factory and see what was happening in there.


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initially my dream kit was to own a DW kit, but i own one now, so my next "dream" kit is a "idk"... nowadays i can pretty much make use of any kit with decent cymbals on it. maybe a tama bubinga?

for cymbals, i would like to go with a full set up of istanbul cymbals

hardware... maybe a rack... i own a single dw5, maybe re-own another double dw5

maybe a custom snare?? like a solid cut piece of wood in a cool lacquer finish, 5 1/2" x 14" maybe 6" deep? with a good throw-off (probably a DW throw-off, i like the one on my DW bamboo/birch snare, its a workhorse)


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Dang Staggerlee you must have been reading my wish list to Santa claus. But the Guru 14X7 English Ash/Ovangkol with ovangkol hoops snare=definitely on the horizon of gifts. Then the Guru Ash In-tense 20X14 kick, 12X8 tom but gravitating to the 13X9 tom can't decide, and 16X14 floor tom. Sweet. I'm just not worthy to play them. LOL.


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I would probably go for a Pearl Masterworks (or reference) or DW Collectors (Maple)
12x9 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
20x16 Bass Drum
Luddy Supraphonic or Guru

Zildjian K, Sabian HHX, or Saluda Diamond

Roc-N-Soc Lunar throne

Pearl 1030 series hardware
Pearl Powershifter Eliminator pedal

Evans heads
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It is always good to dream! :)

This piece of art, I would enjoy timelessly...

14" x 6.5" Snare Drum
13" x 8" Rack Tom
16" x 14" Floor Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
22" x 14" Bass Drum

Remo Smooth White Ambassadors drumheads.

Cymbals: Paiste Giant Beats set up, all around.

Ludwig Speed King pedal.


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I already own mine.

Sakae Almighty Birch 10 piece ( I have it arranged slightly different now) with everything I want, including owning all my own mics for recording. ~16,000+/-dollars for everything. If that blue Sakae kit that someone posted above could be ordered in custom sizes I would order a set of those shells for a second setup as well.

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Dream kit:

DW Collectors Series
Finish: Toms & Bass: Blood Red Hard Satin Over Ultra White Marine
Snare: Coarse Silver Lacquer
Hardware: Toms & Bass: Chrome
Snare: Chrome
Shells: Toms & Bass:Maple Mahogany Snare: Maple Mahogany Top Edge
10x8 Tom
12x9 Tom
14x12 Floor Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
22x18 Bass Drum
14x6.5 Top Edge Snare
9000 Series Hardware

Toms: Clear Pinstripes or White Suede Emperors
Snare: Coated P77
Bass: Clear P3

Cymbals: Zildjian
14" A New Beats
18" A Thin
10" K Splash
22" A Medium Ride
20" K Dark Thin Crash
17" K Custom Hybrid China

14" Sand Hi Hats
18" Traditional Medium thin Crash
10" Traditional Splash
8" Brilliant Splash
22" Spectrum Ride
20" Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash
12" SoundCaster Custom Splash/16" Vintage Trash Crash

Sabian :
14" HHX Click Hi Hats
16" HHX Evolution Ozone
18" HHX Legacy Crash
10" HHX Evolution Splash
22" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
19" HHX X Plosion Crash
18" AA Sick Hats


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12x8 70's Gretsch
14x14 Vintage Ludwig Floor (3 ply maple)
16x16 Vintage Ludwig Floor (3 ply maple)
Steambent (walnut or mahogany) 20x14 kick.
all in champagne sparkle.

snare, uh.. 14x5 steambent walnut right now, or 70's Supra.

14" or 15" 50's 60's Zildjian A Hats
20" Paperthin 60's A, with 1 rivet
22" Bosphorus Wide Ride
20" Agop Mel Lewis ride with 6 rivets

Tight, fat and dry.. a little trashy.