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so dream cymbals are made in china but the co headquarters are out of canada? Sorry if this is an obviously stupid Q


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I own a 22" Dream Dark Matter Moon Ride and it is by far the best ride cymbal that I have ever owned. I also have an 18" and a 16" Dark Matter crash cymbals and I would never use any other type of cymbal after using these.


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So, I made a thread last year about my first impressions of the Bliss 14" hi-hats and they've grown on me more and more since I bought them.

What I actually wanted to say is; they are not 14 inches! Not that this bothers me much, I only discovered this today when I tried some mixing and matching with a 14" Sabian HHX bottom. I noticed there was a mis-match in size and measure both cymbals, low and behold, the Bliss pair measure about an eight of an inch under.

Regadless of this, they're still my go-to hats and sound perfectly exquisite, especially recorded.

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This thread is about Dream, the brand, not dream, the noun. You might want to check out this thread.

Also: I have to admit, guys, I'm getting pretty lusty towards the Bliss 19" crash ride as a new main crash... I'll have to see how I like it at PASIC, as the ones I heard last year at their booth sounded incredible and exactly like what I'm looking for now.


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I have 4 Dream cymbals now. All are from the Bliss series. The 20" ride is really nice, washy with a great bell and a killer crash. The 24" inch small bell is dark, buttery, and is great for low volume situations where you want the cymbal to be felt as well as out of the way and heard. The bliss 14" hats are also a great all around set for just about any genre'.

For those of you that have not tried out Dream cymbals, I can tell you they are the best bang for the buck in the market place now.

You will be glad that you did.


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i finally got the chance to play some Dream cymbals.

theres a drum shop 45mins away that i wanted to check out. looking around at what they had in stock, i saw them. crashes, hats, and rides. they had 3 sets of hats, a bunch of crashes and rides. i played the hats that have the raw bell on them and they sound good. the crashes sound really goooood.
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I didn't end up with the Bliss, but by sheer fortune, I won a Christmas drawing on their Twitter account and got a 20" Dark Matter Energy ride.

Whooooooof, this thing is an absolute treat. Dare I say... a dream. *a cricket inside of a tumbleweed floats across the screen* It has plenty of stick definition, yet a wickedly dark wash on the outer half of the cymbal, with a surprisingly very capable crash, and a beautifully balanced bell. Plus, it looks fantastic. Count me as a fan. I hope to have some use for purchasing more Dreams in the future. Perhaps for MLK day.