Dream Cymbals


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Ok, a little back story- I have been stuck trying to find another avenue for drums other then Guitar Center and I have finally found a good mom and pop store.

I walked into the store today and they have a huge selection from all the makes- Ziljian, Sabian, Paiste and even a few Meinl thrown is as well.

However the piece d'resistance was a selection of Dream, Bophorous and Instanbul cymbals!

I am completely shocked with the Dreams- I understand how cheap they are compared to the other brands but I was able to compare a 20' Dream Ride with a 21' Instanbul and I could barely tell the difference!

Ok- so I could tell a slight difference but never over $250 difference! If I was to play both these cymbals with my band at a usual venue I doubt any one would even notice any difference.

I am stunned- to be honest I was expecting some ZBT or Wuhan crap but I was looking for K or HH type dark cymbals and then these cymbal just appear before me!

Now I have a dilema, They were selling used AA and AAX hi-hats for $120 in good condition and selling new Dream Bliss hi-hats for $90. I loved the sound the Dreams made- I also liked the Sabians- but to be honest I would choose them just because they are a good foundation- I know where I am with them-

These Dreams however are closer to the dark Turkish sound I eventually want-

Any help guys? What should I do? Should I stick with tried and trusted or go and take a chance on the Dreams?

I currently have Paiste 502's that I'm using so anything above trashcan lids are going to sound better!! : )


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Sounds like you already made your decision.

Buy the Dreams.

I have Dream Bliss cymbals in 18" (1270g), 20" (1810g), 22" (2485g), and 24" (3415g). They're all great cymbals.
I've heard good things about dream cymbals, especially, if you find one that sounds good. You can always find another way to spend the extra cash. You can listen to more bliss cymbals at virtualcymbals.com


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I guess I have made my decision, I just hoped someone out there what tell me not to.

As no one I have spoken to has a bd thing to say?