Dream cymbals?


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a very good experience but they vary greatly so you must get sound files or best hear them in person.


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Love their crashes, splashes and hats, but have yet to find a ride I like. Prices are great and if you have broken cymbals they'll give you a dollar an inch trade in. Love Dreams enough to "skin" it..........


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I've got a pair of Bliss 13" hats and they are awesome. Sounds buttery. Not a ton of stick definition, and really nice and sloshy when open. Not everyone's cup of tea though. I've read that most of their stuff runs on the thin side.


Scored Dream Bliss 13" hats and Dream Bliss 22" ride for $100 each on the used market. Amazing sounding cymbals for the price. Comparing sounds, I'd put them up against Zildjian Ks and for a fraction of the price.



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Hi everyone,

What kind of experience do you have with Dream cymbals?

Picked up a 22 in "ride" for 50 bucks used and it is a niche cymbal for lower volume gigs.

I guess you can use it as a crash for louder volumes ,but to each their own.


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I have a set of DH Hi hats, a 14" sh crash and a 16" China. Really good value for money. They go really well with my Istanbul ride and crashes.


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I find their 18" crashes and their 14" hats astonishing. Absolutely unbelievable for the price.

I find their rides are inconsistent and disappointing.
I have a few Dream cymbals: the Dream Ignition 20" ride, Dream Ignition 16" crash, and a Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth 20" ride. The Ignition cymbals have a low-mid pitch and are LOUD. I often use the 16" crash paired with another 16" crash for hi hats-- the Dream cymbal goes on the bottom because it's a bit too loud for my liking.

The 20" Ignition ride also has a low-mid pitch and has good volume... The bell is so-so. This cymbal can get out of control when ridden hard, so I to have tape to help muffle it. Sounds fantastic with brushes, though!

The 20" Dark Matter ride is amazing. Lower volume, but not "quiet" when ridden--s ounds like a typical flat ride...lots of stick attack. But when shouldered it opens up with more volume and a good bit of harmonic trash to it. Can't describe it really... it's not dissonant trash like a typical china. It has a sweet sound with overtones of a pang. Very unique.


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I used to own a 22" Bliss, a 24" Bliss, and a 22" Energy. Both of the Bliss rides were really good at smoky, dark tone and a good amount of wash and stick definition. The 22" was great for small-group jazz and the 24" suited an acoustic guitar singer/songwriter gig I had. The Energy ride was much clearer and more aggressive, and because of a bit bigger size and being unlathed the bell cut a lot more than the Bliss'. All of them had a similar trashy quality like sixteenthnotes mentioned.

They suited me really well when I needed that kind of sound, but as the gig changed, I let them all go. They were all so dark and low pitch they weren't really very versatile.