Drake Concert...what have I done?


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So, Mini-Me is 14 in Nov, and Drake is going to be in Sydney shortly after Mini-Me's birthday. So, in a fit of paternal generosity, I bought tickets for him and me (because I'm not letting a newly 14 year old boy loose on his own in a concert) to attend a Drake concert.

Now I won't claim "I like all music!", but I think I do a good job of trying to find something to like in genres that I don't partickly like but I'm finding Drake a challenge. I've been listening to YT tracks (through headphones) and not finding much to like.

So...can anybody here point me to some Drake stuff - other than Hotline Bling - that a person is likely to like?


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Welcome to the life of the parent of a teenager. You can leave your cool card at the front desk.

In the last two years I have seen Katy Perry, Melanie Martinez and something called The Weeknd. Thank god she is 16 now and I can send her and her friends on their own.

While I cant point you to any drake songs, I can give you some advice.

1. Bring one of their friends, even if you have to pay for it. It gets you off the hook. Your kid will no longer care if you are having fun or not, and you can check out the cougars dancing like strippers with impunity.

2. Enjoy the show aspect. An artist like Drake is going to have a huge production so watch the screens and all the people on stage. If you take it out of the context of the music it can actually be pretty comical.

3. Alcohol!


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I'm finding Drake a challenge. I've been listening to YT tracks (through headphones) and not finding much to like.

Well, bring some earplugs, but Eclipse is right, the show scenery might be OK and you can enjoy a beer or 2.
Nice gesture of you all the same. Your son will appreciate it.
What if Mini-me is into death metal next year?


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Eh, it's your kid, you can endure anything for a couple hours.

I thought you were going to say you went to a Drake concert and suddenly found you were a huge fan. I was much more disturbed by that thought. lol


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'over my dead body" has some beautiful background music but its still rap (I like the song) "Hold on were going home" is another one that I taught my wife to play drums to, its more mainstream. Give those a listen


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It's not all doom and gloom.

Last year he and I went to see Joe Bonamassa.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions...keep 'em coming.


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Years ago when my boys were very young - probably 12 and 14 - I wanted to try to introduce them to live music, and I brought them to a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones show. I pushed the envelope too far. One was bored, and the other slept through the whole show. :) Oh well - I gave it a shot.


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You deserve some sort of Parent of the Year award. Do I take it that Mrs James played the "Oh, you two boys go together, I'll be fine" card?

Much rethpect to you, James.


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SWMBO is viewing this as subtle payback for last year's Joe Bonamassa concert which she did not enjoy. The works of Mr Bonamassa are occasionally played in the Jamesmobile with no adverse effect on the temperature or the share price. But Mrs James was, in equal measure, surprised and dismayed to discover that a pre-eminent blues guitarist of the modern era is given over to extended blues solos. Who knew?

This is her revenge.