Dragons's Breath?


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I hear this term bandied about frequently in discussion and descriptions of so many cymbals, but I couldn't actually say that I know exactly which sonic character it connotes.

Please describe it for me if you can, and feel free to point me toward a great you tube or other audio example which really demonstrates this quality.

What cymbal really exhibits the Dragons' Breath phenomenon?

The Old Hyde

Second time Ive ever heard it. The first was in the movie Excalibur when they were talking about that fog at the end.....


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I think people are typically referring to the trashy, airy, china cymbal-like component of a ride cymbal's "wash" when they use that phrase. For one of many examples, check out Bill Stewart, particularly his 24" ride cymbal.


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Never heard the term applied to cymbals, honestly, but there is a beer called Dragon's Breath.


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This sounds like a question for Ben! (PQleyR)

Maybe the power of GloryHammer can answer this.

Because I have personally have never heard this term in regards to cymbals.


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Wow Matt; that is one incredible sounding cymbal! (In fact, I listened to a few others. Your craftmanship is inspiring.)

Thanks also spleen for the Bill Stewart reference.

I believe what I'm hearing reminds me of hard rain hitting pavement. Something like a sizzle, but breathier; more diffuse. Most noticeable I suppose in jazz ensembles where those tones just simmer along with the rest of the sonic delicacies.

Thanks, I think I got it.


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Only 2nd time ever heard it. Its beer, its Dream motto.
Hey that 22 ride is really nice!....some Leviathan Lungs in that one.