Double to single.


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Hi Guy's
Just got back from a great time in the deep south of the USA.
On the long flight home I decided to change the batter heads on my Saturn toms from Aquarian Super 2 to Classic Clears. I have Classic Clears as reso heads already. I really liked the Super 2's but what the hoo, they were due for replacement anyway.
I am very pleasantly surprised with the difference in tone. Not night and day but noticeable.
More open and a little more attack. The experiment worked.
I realise they will not be as durable but that's ok with me.
Any thoughts?


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I have used Super-2 coated in the past but not the clear. They are a very nice head but they are close to an Emperor in tone. I wound up changing to Remo Ambassador-X coated because they are more open than the S-2's
You may want to try some Ambassador-X clear heads in the future. Amb-X heads are 13 mil instead of 10 mil.


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I may have different criterion than many, but I have not found that two ply heads last all that much longer than single ply anyway, especially on toms. I like fairly new heads when $ allows, so I change frequently anyway - I don't play any head until it is black and cratered.

Glad you like the sound of the new heads. I doubt you will be disappointed in their lifespan.


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You may want to try some Ambassador-X clear heads in the future. Amb-X heads are 13 mil instead of 10 mil.
I think the Ambassador Xs are actually 12 mil. The X14 is, fittingly, 14mil. This matches Evans' lineup with their G+/G12 and G14 heads.

If you're worried about durability, I'd try some of those heads too! Unfortunately, Aquarian only makes 7mil and 10mil single ply heads for toms, which is crazy(!), and Remo's 12/14mil models are only publicly available coated and in limited sizes (esp. for the X14[though you might be able to get them in other sizes or different coatings through customer service?]). I'm trying a G14 on a tom pretty soon and I have no doubts about their tone- especially considering how well the X14 is doing on my snare! I'm also trying a graduated set of single ply heads- which means a G1 and Genera Reso on the 10", G12 and G1 on the 12", and G14 and G12 on the 15". I'll be sure to update how that works out when I actually do it...