Double stroke on single bass drum pedal


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I’ve tried to make double strokes on my single bass drum pedal (punk drum style) but I never succeed to make them fast enough. I was wondering if there is something with the spring tension or my technique. I use the foot slide technique.
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I've spent a lot of time the past few months trying to get my single pedal doubles clean and up to speed, particularly when playing something like "ah-3-and" on the foot. That beginning 16th note can be tricky sometimes.

I've found that it doesn't really pay to try to rigidly stick with one technique. I play heel up, heel down, heel-toe, along with Matt Ritter's technique from his excellent video Unburying The Beater.

Playing punk, you might not want to hear this but you have to start slow first. Also, practice to a metronome and record yourself. A lot of times, what seems like you are nailing it, a recording shows us just how much we suck...


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If you want want to learn fast single bass pedal double strokes, study and listen to John Bonham. Also having a good pedal definitely helps. I’ve played for 40 years and am now faster than when I played 6 hours a day back in the 80’s. Why? My old 80’s Tama Titan bass pedal cost $100 ($350 today) but I never achieved real speed with it. Now I focus attention on perfecting whatever I want to achieve along with a steady exercise regimen with a relentless effort until the particular skill is perfected.


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Develop a solid, consistent double stroke at moderate speed then start speeding it up a bit every day. Should only take a few days to get pretty fast.
Just my opinion but I would not use slide or heel toe or any other method other than controlling the rebound for double strokes. Once that gets fast I might experiment with those other techniques which I consider supplemental and/or last resort. Again just my (hardline) opinion.


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This is ordinary technique, no special technique required. You just need to get the beater off the drum quickly after the first note, so you can make another note. Look at your current technique and figure out how to do that. Medium tension is fine, you don't need to adjust your pedal.

I assume you're playing heel up-- try placing your foot a little lower on the pedal. It will feel less controlled, but you can move the beater farther with a smaller motion. Play around with that.