Double Stick Technique?


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Might be a stupid question, however is there or has there ever been such a thing as a 'double stick' technique, where two sticks are held in one hand?

Alain Rieder

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It's not a stupid question. For example, I'm not sure about the exact grip but Steve Gadd is known for having recorded a Paul Simon song with two sticks in each hand. The title is Late In The Evening and he plays a Mozambique pattern on the toms. Check it out!



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Orchestral percussion is probably where the idea originated from. It's used primarily in mallet instrument technique like marimba.

One stick/mallet is held as normally, between the thumb and forefinger. The other is placed in the hand so as the pinky and ring finger control the distance of the two mallet heads, which is used to change chords. The action can be compared to using chopsticks.


"Uncle Larry"
The Allman Brothers have two drummers, and I used to hold two sticks in my ride hand when I played certain songs by them, because it was the closest I could get to replicating the sound of 2 drummers riding. (1 piper piping?) Interesting visual too. I don't do it anymore, it's not that critical to the songs. Looks kinda hot doggy, but some like that.