Double Ply reso

Living Dead Drummer

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Anyone here use a Double Ply head as the reso side on their Toms? Personally I have not, however I've recently started using Drum Tacs for a bit of tone control. It was the recommendation of the company to try them on the bottom head instead of the batter and it sounds great! I'm wondering if using a thicker reso side head would have a similar effect.


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I've tried two ply heads on my floor toms and they seem to work pretty good. My old 14 by 14 Yamaha just seem to ring and ring and ring. Put a two ply on the bottom and two ply on the top that seem to tone it down pretty good.


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I've used two-ply heads on the bottom of my floor toms and I liked the result just fine, but I didn't like how they sounded on smaller toms. They were too dull and boxy sounding.


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I've heard that using a Black Dot head as a reso works great too. I haven't tried it, but I plan on it next time I change them.


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I've done it, but it's certainly not my go to sound. All depends on what you're after. I just picked up two Yamaha 7000 series toms (14x10 and 18x16) and was quite surprised the prior owner had clear pinstripe head batter AND reso. Wow. OK. Guess that's fine if you want no overtones from your drums. So to each their own.

A controlled sound (black dot) is as muffled a reso. as I usually go. Most of the time ..... I use a clear or coated Ambassador reso.


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The genius who had my Pork Pie set before me had an Evans Genera dry on the reso side 14" floor tom. Sounded like pig rectum.