Double pedals? Double bass drums?


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Just went thru some of my archives and found an audition I did with Jim McCarty from Cactus. The guy on the right was my drum tech, Doug Hall who went on to be the FOH sound engineer for Iron Maiden.

Double bass Ludwig Thermogloss Walnut stain. This was '73 or '74 I think. So yeah, I was doing the double thing 48 years ago. Bottom line. I'm old. I stopped using two kicks in '75.

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I never got to see Cactus, but I did see him with The Rockets twice in their heyday, and I've worked with Mitch Ryder a handful of times. Very underrated dude.


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What Crosstown gear?
My bad. Mistakenly, thought you had a post about it.

In solidarity with your double-bass hauling, while gear is heavy and often a bitch to load in & out, I look at it as exercise. Better than going to the gym!


Why stop at two kicks? Alex Van Halen usually had four. At one time he even had six! It looked like a drum factory.