Double Pedal

Adam Bourque

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Well, when i am trying to do a steady speed, I want to get faster and faster... It feels the pedal gets almost 2 easy to speed up. What can i do to fix or help this?


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One word: Metronome. Practice being in time, and you'll learn how to do it all the time without thinking. But you need to practice it.


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Do it slower. Much slower. Spend time focusing just on control, and I'll bet you see improvements very quickly. Definitely use a metronome for this.


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just to echo practice with metro...and not only do you practice..set aside as much time as you can for this area if its one of your weaker spots... 30min to an hour+... I have a bass drum practice pad and though it drives my wife batty using it while we watch TV it has helped me in this area..practice pads are for more then just snare rudiments