Double Pedal: Should I Buy Now Or Keep Saving?


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Hey everyone,

I have a little dilemma: I have enough money right now for a DW 5000/Iron Cobra/Pearl Eliminator etc., in the $400 ballpark.


I really want to buy some really good quality (not at all to say that DW, Tama, and Pearl don't make extraordinary quality products!) pedals. I want pedals that literally will take a lickin' and keep on kickin'.

So right now I've got two choices:

1. Buy the DW 5000, Iron Cobra, or Pearl Eliminator now


2. Wait it out for another couple of months and get a Trick Pro-1V Big Foot, Axis AL-2 Longboards, or PDP B.O.A.

Input? The only experience with pedals I really have is when I bought my PDP 402 double, which is kind of obsolete seeing as I'm way past that level of double bass drumming now.

Thanks in advance!



For the money you have you can buy a number of kick pedals that have speed greater than any human can achieve.

Buy what you have tested and feels right.


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All those pedals will "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. without a doubt.
They are all pro pedals. save your money.


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They are all top of the line pedals. U can get them cheaper than 400. Tama is my choice.


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I would NOT buy anything until you get to try out all the ones that interest you. That might mean begging friends to let you try their gear or taking a few roadtrips to the bigger stores, but in the long run it's almost sure to be worth it.

Narrow it down the best you can now before wasting any money.

Nothing bites more than having to sell one thing at a loss and still being short the money to get what you found out you like much more later.


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Like EKIM Said,
if you can, go to a Music/Drum Shop & give them a TRY....
You may be surprised...

Good Luck to you!