Double Pedal recommendation - GP Percussion Pro Quality Double Drum Pedal DP77


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Hey guys...thanks in advance...I'm thinking of buying these pedals (GP Percussion Pro Quality Double Drum Pedal DP778TN) and was wondering if anyone had any feedback. Id love a pair of Iron Cobra but no way i can afford them...Am I doing ok with these pedals $100 with shipping....Thanks again.


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There's been an explosion of those pedals on the market in the last year or so, just rebranded under different names.
I've played one a couple of times. The main pedal was ok, but the slave was terrible due to the very low quality drive shaft that pretty much went to pieces after a few months of use.
One member of this forum has it too and the drive shaft on his pedal is held together by tape, so I'd say it's a problem with the whole line.

I'd say look into entry level pedals by major manufacturers, such as Pearl P-122 TW.


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Hey Thanks, Im starting to think and see your point as I continue to research. What are your thoughts on the PDP DP402?


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Yeah, all those pedals in that price range are gonna be similar. Even if one of them happens to play decently, it'll likely fall apart pretty quickly. Definitely go for the Pearl 122 double. That is an excellent pedal. Very fast, smooth, and it doesn't fall apart, plus it has adjusments you can make too. I can afford better pedals, but I've stayed with these because they play so well. The best thing is, is that they're cheap, and you can find them used cheaper all the time on Ebay.


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You are better off saving up a little more money and getting a decent pedal. That's one piece on your kit that gets the most use and abuse. Better off getting a quality one to start with, ends up being cheaper in the long run. Look on E-bay for used pedals many good deals out there ;-)


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DO NOT BUY IT its horrible i made the mistake of buying one at Walmart (yea i know horrible idea but it was the cheapest around) and once i took it home and put it together the screw holding the shaft to the right pedal would not hold down. I'm now taking it back and searching for a better one. HORRIBLE pedal don't buy it.


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I bought a nameless (Koda) double pedal for $80. The drive shaft hasn't messed up but the slave spring on the main pedal falls off after playing for a little bit. Especially on certain songs with a lot of heel-toe stuff. (Walk with me in hell). All in all, aside from the 2nd slave spring, the pedal is very sturdy.


Go to ebay :] I dunno what the exchange rate is, but i picked up as near to new as you can get dw 9000 pedal for £160 including postage, just look around there and pick up some second hand iron cobras or pearl eliminators, i've always used second hand pedals and never been let down :]

Good luck regarding your search, George.