Double pedal question


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There are Cajon remote pedals ...
And DW makes a really nice one, where the beater mechanism lives inside the Cajon.

I had a Yamaha cable remote hi-hat. When the cable broke, I never got it fixed. Now, I use a DW 9550 Universal Hi Hat (when I go center hat position). It uses the DW drive shaft/chain drive cam design we're all familiar with, and it's way better (I think) than any cable operated hi hat.

I'll keep cables for cajons ..... and drive shafts for bass drums and hats.


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I envision the slave pedal going down, which rotates a round pulley on the right side of the slave pedal. The cable is solidly attached to the bottom of that pulley, so when the pulley is rotated clockwise (and cable pulled), the other end of the cable would pull on and rotate a pulley on the main pedal counter-clockwise that's attached to just the slave beater. Half a turn rotation of the pulley tops. So there's no pushing, only pulling of the cable. Springs attached to the pulleys return the pulleys (and cable, slave footboard and slave beater) to their cocked position when the footboard is released, just like they do now. I think it's an easy to design system that would be an improvement on the existing double pedal design.
I had some cable hats and they always felt really laggy to me, this is a cool concept.

Thinking how even the difference between direct drive, and chain driven pedals feel. I'm sure that the cable just wouldn't provide the same torque having to run that far. Then comes maintenance, and longevity if you need something too hitech to run it. I don't want my pully system getting beat up and breaking on gigs.

A very cool concept though,