double pedal help! (dw 4000)


Hey guys,
I'm still kinda new to double pedaling but I recently bought a barely used gretsch catty club off of some guy on craigslist. He gave me a bunch of hardware and to my surprise, he threw in a DW 4000 pedal. I thought it was a single but I realized when I got home that it was a double. He just didn't have a second beater attached or the connector for the left pedal.
My question is where can I buy a connector rod/left pedal. (I'm aware that these probably aren't the official terms... like I said, I'm new hahha. If someone could correct me and let me know the official terms of these things, that would be great too). I really want to just spend a bit more and make it a double rather than buying a whole new double pedal.
So if you guys could point me in the right direction, that would be great. I did a bit of research but it seems a bit hard just to get double pedal parts.


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I just bought a new double pedal and my dw 4000 is sitting in a corner. I could probably help you out with the parts.