double chain vs. single chain double bass pedals?


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im pretty new to drumming and im trying to find a good double bass pedal. ive played iron cobra pedals, dw 7000's, and a few other crappy ones in the past. Ive tried googling this, but im still confused about the differences in quality and performance between single and double chain pedals, and which pedals are which. pretty noob question, but any help would be appreciated


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And there's direct drive and strap driven pedals to consider!

Anyway, I found moving from a bog standard mapex kick pedal to a Pearl Eliminator a big improvement. Specifically regarding the chains, the double chain of the Eliminator felt more responsive than a single chain. Really the best thing to do is to head to a shop and try a load out.


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Also what kind of drumming are you doing? A double chain will be stronger and more durable. I have two DW 5000's and use the single chain at home but it still does what the double chain pedal does. I'm not a double pedal player, no need for the music I play.


I own a DW5000 pedal and a DW7000 double seems to me that the DW5000 footbed is more stable with less side to side motion. It definitley helps me maintain speed and consistency when doing quick heel-toes.


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thanks for the replies. i play metal, and im already fairly fast with the double pedals i just need to buy my own now. it just seems crazy how small the differences are between the pedals for hundreds of dollars of difference in price


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I'm on my third throne in 6 years. ONe day i'll realise to buy the decent quality stuff first and save yourself the journey.

The Iron Cobra/DW5000 price range is where you should be looking.



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There's a rule for buying pedals I once read:

"Never spend anything under $200 for a kick pedal."

And really, that is a very good piece of advice. I have single and double-chain pedals, and I personally prefer the double chain one better. It feels a bit smoother, and it will certainly be sturdier.


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I don't know if I agree with the "spend more get more" mentality. I currently own an Iron Cobra, and Iron Cobra Jr. (single chain), and a DW 9000, all double pedals. I have owned two earlier ICs, a Camco double pedal, DW5002, DW7002, and a Sonor Giant Step double. Why do I play my 9000 more than anything else now? Because I have it and I like it. Is it THAT much better than the IC Jr or the 7002? NO. If I were to spend the money again, and we are talking a LOT of money, I'd buy the IC Jr and call it good. It has a single chain, it is lightweight, and it feels great. In my experience a double chain does not contribute to stability or power if a pedal is well maintained.

I spent $80 plus shipping to get my IC Jr and it is just fine. It moves as fast and accurately as my feet.


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This is one of those times where regardless what you get, it's going to perform as long as you give yourself a chance to get used to it. The quality of all of the pedals listed is normally perry reputable. The double chains disperse the force between two chains instead of one and while more stable, have much less likelyhood of breaking. That's it.