Double Bass Pedal under 350$


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Hey guys, i am from India and this is my first post. I need your help because i can't decide which double bass pedal to go for under 350$. I was thinking to go for Yamaha or pearl someone told me even axis are good. SO PLEASE HELP ME!! and suggest any other brand you feel like which is good. and thanks in advance
Hi Moin, welcome to Drummerworld!
Not sure where you're thinking of buying these from, but if you're talking about $350 in U.S. prices for brand new pedals, then your best options would be the Tama Iron Cobra and Pearl Eliminators. Both are very good quality products.

Personally, my favourite pedals are the Axis A Longboards and the Pearl Eliminators (I have them both in double-pedal models), but you won't find the Axis' at that price. Pedal preference is all subjective so keep in mind that what someone else likes doesn't necessarily apply to you. Yamaha Flying Dragons, DW 5000 8000 or 9000, and Trick are also good and popular options, but like Axis, are all more expensive than $350 from the prices I've seen.

If you're able to try any for yourself, I highly recommend it.

Good luck on your pedal quest! Hope that helped.

I agree with what MD said above, everyones opinion on feel, smoothness and such will vary. Trying them yourself is the best thing! Also I'd seriously be searching e-bay, some awesome pedals at incredible prices if you take the time to look. DW, Yamaha, Pearl, Axis, Tama, Trick all make excellent pedals, just a matter of finding one that fits your playing style and your budget ;-)