Double bass pedal options...


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Probably very similar.

One advantage to the DW ..... the wing nut to adjust the hoop clamp in on the side, while the Tama's is under the foot board.

One advantage to the Tama ..... notice the spring tension adjuster assembly. Tama has a locking nut underneath it. The DW doesn't ..... and that's probably why some people say the DW doesn't hold spring tension so well. Easy fix .... buy a second nut.



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Ill keep that in mind if i buy the DW...

So the "too heavy feel" complaint that i seem to see on every review of the DW3000 (and looks like all DW double bass pedals)....Can that be fairly easily fixed with the beater height adjustment? Or spring tension & beater height adjustments?
Sounds like overall its just because of heavier beaters, and you can always buy other brands for it right?

Getting lost in all the adjustments offered on most of these db pedals...So used to the stock Pearls where you just clamp it on the bass and go!


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Well .... you can make any pedal feel "lighter" or "heavier" thru it's span of adjustability. But the actual geometry and physical weight of any given pedal is also gonna play a role. Beater height adjustment is really there to get the beater hitting the center of the drum head. But it will affect a pedals feel, to a degree. If you go from playing a 20" kick to a 26" kick, you might want to adjust the beater height. A lot of guys don't however. They'd rather have the pedal remain constant, and live with the contact point not being quite center.

Changing out the beater can drastically affect a pedals feel. There are some extremely light beaters out there, now. We're not just stuck with the big, hard felt marshmallow anymore. A lot of the higher end pedals also feature a counterweight that comes on the beater shaft, for guys who actually want to add mass.


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"World Lightest wood beater"....might be TOO light!
Ill keep those in mind though, thanks man!

Guess ill go with the DW3000, I'm sure I'll love it...I just remember the smoothness of my instructors DW 2000 or maybe 3000...and the impact it had on the drum! Cant wait to set this new kit up!
Pearl Decade 5pc, front rack mounted toms and 2 crash cymbals (18" and 16"), 20" ride, DW 3000 d.b. pedal, and all stands and hardware are Pearl and DW. Pretty much all the stands/hardware are on the "best reviewed" lists online...Also got the "Zildjian Quiet Pack w/ Remo silent stroke heads", mainly because I'm very near deaf (20% hearing left!) and to save on my wife's sanity!
Buying some used Paiste PST 5's for when its time to take out my old man hearing aids, throw in some ear plugs and most likely isolation headphones over those, and jam!

My brain is fried from forums and review sites!
Going from a stock Pearl Export kit to this...dang!

Thanks for everyone's help! Love the drum community


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Pedals are like shoes. You've got to try them to see if they fit.

The Yamaha direct drives suit me fine.


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Pearl eliminator.(Used) They came very highly rated. I found mine at GC, they wanted like 149 or somethin, but I haggled em down to maybe 129 as they had been there for over 30 days.
No regrets I tells ya. Adjustments for days, Interchangeable "cams"(for speed/power etc), very smooth. and not "clunky"/heavy feeling like some of the other pedals I tried that day.
(stole this pic from internet for ya).

YMMV..etc..bla bla bla..




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Tama Iron Cobra 600. You get almost all of the goodness of the 900 without the cost. It's very close to what the IC 900 used to be before they added the Cobra Coil, which incidentally can be added to the 600 if you need.

One of the things I like about the 600 is that the cam can be easily switched to go between the Power Glide feel and the Rolling Glide feel. I prefer the RG to the PG, which is why I got the 600 for my practice kit.