Don't hire a sub better than you are.


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I wouldn't do it, he's your friend after all.

I'd personally say that you're happy to sub as and when needed, but that's it. I couldn't take a friends gig off them, regardless of the situation as friendship, loyalty and integrity are important.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I agree on the red flag spotted here. What's to keep them from dealing with other memebers in the same cowardly way.

In any case. If this is your friend, you should talk to him immediately about it.

The reality of the professional music world is that people need to be friendly and as the show must go on, everybody needs a couple of subs they can call.

The main guy/gal may get exchanged by a sub over time if they get used a lot, but that should happen in a more natural and open fashion.


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karma is a real b*tch, and taking people's gigs in the music world doesn't help he situation. sounds like the band has some real winners that I would question playing with.

best of luck.

Anon La Ply

I agree on the red flag spotted here. What's to keep them from dealing with other members in the same cowardly way.
Yes, hard to trust a crew like that.

No hints or suggestions to improve or suggest anything is wrong, just opportunistically trying to shaft him ... although I guess it depends on whether he's the kind of person who can take criticism (which we don't know).


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I am still of the opinion that the OP should be figuring out how to say yes.

The Jody dilemma is likely something that can be resolved by simply communicating with everyone and figuring out what your friend wants. As someone pointed out, he's already fired. Stop the battles you're having in your imagination and talk you the gent.

The contract dilemma.. Never sign a contract that's handed to you. Take it home, get out the highlighter markers (red/yellow/green). Read though and go to work figuring out the parts to keep, toss, change. Maybe ping your attorney for a read through (1h of time usually). Change the contract to your liking and hand it back to the band.


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I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with your music, that you can't play drums WITH your friend who is also a drummer. Its probably why I don't listen to much country or blues.


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If he's a friend, you should discuss the issue with him in the first place even beforr raising it in a forum. Just explain what happened and ask him what you should think of it. He will be able to interpret the situation better than you can.


I wouldn't do it, true friends are worth their weight in gold.

To be brutally honest, you're not going to challenge yourself and become a better drummer by playing in country and blues bands, IMO

Stay in the one that pays the bills, then join a new progressive/jazz/metal band to help you improve.


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This was a one off gig so it's unfair to take a snapshot and judge the band by it. But I will anyway. Playing 10 songs as background music does not sound like any sort of step up to me. And while I don't want to bring politics into it, if my band was ever in a position that we were asked to do a political fund raiser for a party who's politics I didn't support then I wouldn't do it......which is a whole other topic.

In my opinion if you're wanting a change and to grow then look elsewhere while still keeping your current bands going then take up the best offer somewhere down the line.