Don't forget to support your favorite Drum Shop

Jeremy Bender

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In these times, if at all possible let's remember to buy from the small business owner who may be taking it on the chin.
Most having to close their brick and mortar doors to the public and conduct business strictly online, I noticed one yesterday was only selling gear and offering lessons online until further notice.

I'd hate for these stores to become a thing of the past due to this situation.
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Mr Farkle

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In the United States it looks like they will be able to get a 100% forgivable SBA loan to keep going. It’s essentially a grant to stay in business. Still support them of course, but it‘s looking like they are going to get some real help to stay alive.

Old Dog new Cans

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My local music store is ran by a ripoff artist and a jerk. I'd buy online for the next 50 years before I go back in there. Just because they're local, doesn't mean they're honest.


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My local drum shop is possibly closing this Monday 😬

So I went in today and got 4 pairs of 3AN Vic Firth sticks and for my toms G12 clear batter heads and G1 clears for the resos in 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch.

I also got a new Emperor X coated head for my snare.

My concern is they may not be open if I need the everyday consumables.

Kinda like drumming "panic shopping"