Dodgy kick technique


I'm going through a similar thing, what worked for me is to think of the triplet a bit more clearly, don't just fly over the triplet but keep the attention on delivering it correctly, I was rushing it and that caused the kicks to sound sloppy or just muted also try to keep your ankle straight don't twist it.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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There are many valid approaches, but general things would be to slow down and be conscious about coordination and the other would maybe be getting used to more of a heel-toe for doubles.

You have to work both heel up and heel down to train and warm up the muscles to do this effectively. Then there's the coordiational push-pull aspect of that technique.

My guess, from how you describe it, you've worked a hundred times more on your hands than your feet, so I'd just focus on the feet for a while.


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I am a big fella 65" 250 lbs with BIG feet size 15EEEE. I am looking for kick drum pedals with a LONG foot board without the hinged heel plate. I like heel-toe technique -- I am a fusion jazz player who is tired of being forced to play barefoot by kick drum pedals with dinky footboards. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.