Do your neighbors complain?


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My last house was old and brick with a basement with thick walls. I practiced in the basement, and the neighbors said that they could not hear more than some light thuds. My SO banged around on the drums a few times, and they were not particularly noisy even on the main floor of the house.

I just moved to a new place in a new state, with no basement, and now the drums are in a bedroom. I met the neighbors on either side while moving in, and pretty much said, "Hey, I play drums, if it's ever too noisy just let me know." It turns out that a previous resident had been a drummer as well. So far, no complaints - though I've tried to play only during respectable hours.


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I have had the sheriff visit several times in my old neighborhood, but I was able to sort that out with the neighbor in question, once I figured out who it was. We just needed to talk about making some adjustments.

No complaints in my current neighborhood. The houses are plenty spread out, and everyone is fairly laid back.

But here's the thing - anyone ever throw a decibel meter on a lawnmower and compared it to the volume of drum sound escaping from a house? It's much louder, unless the house is made of tissue. Honestly, people bitching about simply being able to hear the drums pisses me off, especially when they're out there mowing at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, lol. I check noise ordinances, I play at respectful hours, and I'll work with a neighbor if there is a specific conflict, but I'm not going to quit playing just because someone doesn't like it.

Guess that makes me a jerk, but I can live with that.

P.S - if there are noise ordinances or HOA rules, or if I lived in an apartment, I would certainly be respectful of those rules. I'm a jerk, but not an evil jerk, lol.