Do your neighbors complain?


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Much to my surprise, I started hearing a drummer playing in a garage in the laneway behind my house. Turns out the guy’s old practice space got flooded out, so he moved to the garage. It’s loud. Like, hear it inside my house loud (if I have no tunes playing or whatever).

So I asked him if he ever gets complaints, and he assured me he never does. Says basically any comments he gets are positive. He’s been there for about 10 months now, and some days he goes for hours.

It helps that he’s a good player, and the occasional full-band rehearsals are also good.

But we’re talking about a dense urban area where the 100-year-old houses are squished together.

From my perspective, it’s interesting to hear somebody else practice. Gives me some insight and comparison to my own practicing.

All that said, even though he never gets complaints, I still use mutes on my drums (but not cymbals) pretty much all the time, as I’m eternally aware of the loudness. But I’ve never had a complaint either.


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Drums are astonishingly loud. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. Even played gently, they're loud.

I live in a detached house but despite this I purchased electric drums for practice/recording etc. purely out of respect for my neighbours. I wouldn't want to hear drums thudding away when I was trying to relax after a days work.

I did have a complaint once, when testing out my new drums. Neighbour three doors up came round. She's a nurse and works nights. She wasn't impressed. I was absolutely horrified. Never happened again.

I too have an electronic kit. I use it to practice out of respect for my neighbors. Plus, it’s more fun that way for me anyway. I play with my iPhone plugged in and get to choose whatever kit I want.


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My house is in a little subdivision on a corner and it was built before either of my neighbors' houses. I introduced myself to both of them right off the bat, gave them my phone number in case they ever wanted me to stop playing for any reason, and neither has ever complained.

Although I live in the country, I'd thought about going to my neighbors and making sure none of them care that I like to target practice from time to time. Primarily, I don't want to be shooting if there is anyone around me who has returned from the service with PTSD. I just don't target practice at the house as much as I would like to.

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The drum is in the basement, we live on the first floor and the guy owning the condo over us said that sometimes, he hears the bass drum but very muffled. I don't play past 8 PM.


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I literally went over to my neighbors and told them if they can hear me playing, they said yeah but didn't complain about it. Actually they liked the song i was playing Called Whipout by the Ventures lol my luck.

I live in the rural part of town right on the corner by the street, right next to a cow pasture. Only thing I would be disturbing would be the cows. My Neighbors live way across from me and we are kinda spread out here, so it's hardly audible to them.


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I've been playing in storage units for years for this very reason (climate-controlled ones when I can find em). I also live in an apt so I have no choice in the matter, but if I were to buy a home, being able to drum in it would be my No.1 priority.


No they don't complain. We live in a subdivision where the houses are fairly close together, but my drum room is on the side of the house where there is a wide green space between our lot and the house to the north.


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I pay my taxes, I keep my grass cut, I play drums. Get out of my

Don't even get me started on the guys with the commercial leaf-blowers out there after 9pm blowing dirt all over the neighborhood.

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I set very strict restraints on myself when I started playing again. Nothing before 10 in the morning. Nothing after 8 at night. Later start on the weekends, so working folks could sleep in. I was reaady yo adjust if someone did complain, but to date, none.


I live in the city and I rent a practice space so I don't have to worry about disturbing my neighbors. I practice too much to expect that that would be tolerated- think hours every day, and sometimes it sounds bad or is the same thing over and over again enough to drive anyone insane.

However.. when I practice with bands it's almost always at someone's house and it's surprisingly well tolerated. We don't play after 9 pm, and I'm not a particularly loud drummer and none of the guys I play with are the "turn it up to 11" type. Also I live in a particularly music tolerant city.


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I've always lived in a detached house but and about to move in with my girlfriend to a semi detached house. I'm building a drum riser with Sylomer foam blocks underneath, like this one, so I can play my kit with or without pads on top and not send vibration through the party wall. Been researching it quite thoroughly and I'm hope the results are quite good.

I'm also going to put up layer upon layer of Producers Choice sound blankets around the room and ceiling. Hopefully this will reduce the volume enough to not annoy the neighbours too much. Still I don't plan to be recording drums or giving lessons when the next door neighbour is in. Have to stick to the hours she's at work.

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I turned the radio loud, went outside and could not hear the radio much so I thought that no one could hear me practicing. The other day my neighbor says to me "I can hear you practice" so I asked him if I'm disturbing him at all. He said, "No, no problem there, you don't bother us at all. In fact you are the quietest neighbor that we have ever had."


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I live in a townhouse, so I have to use remo silentstrokes and Zildjian L80’s. My neighbors don’t complain and swear they can’t hear me, and one of them was a cop. They didn’t even know I had a kit until I asked if they could hear anything.


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My wife and I bought our first house about 7 years ago and it was what got me really back into playing drums because I stopped playing for 15 years due to apartment living. The basement (where I play) is finished. House is all brick. And almost all of my neighbors are old retirees and to this day none have ever mentioned that they could hear my drumming. I even have full LOUD band practice at my house for the past 7 years, and no complaints (we finish by 9 PM.)

Shortly after I moved in, I invested in all new insulated windows to replace the original aluminum single-pane windows that were in rough shape.

The most priceless moment:

Me: "So I know these are great for energy consumption, but how will they compare for sound reduction?"
Window guy: "Oh yeah, if someone is outside mowing the lawn, you'll hardly be able to hear it."
Me: "I'm more concerned with sound escaping from inside to outside....
Window guy just gives me a really weird look like I've got some Silence Of The Lambs stuff going on in my home...


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No should I be encouraging or paying people to complain? I only play during daytime hours-not too early not too late. My noise just blends in with all the construction and grounds crew noise-just with rhythm and in time.
(When it comes to living in residential areas), I think the big thing is to just know your neighbors and be a good neighbor. Like Mongrel said, people run chainsaws, leafblowers, and lawnmowers pretty regardless of the time. I try not to play drums too early in the morning or too late at night, but if you run a chainsaw or leafblower at 7 am people will just think you're a hard-worker. So there is a bit of a "who gives a eff" component. (There is a bit of a "white-noise" vs. rhythmic-sound variable, but...)

I make sure I'm on good terms with neighbors, introduce myself, say I play drums, and tell them to just let me know if it's ever a problem. I had one neighbor ask if I'd give their kid lessons ?‍♂️


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I literally went over to my neighbors and told them if they can hear me playing, they said yeah but didn't complain about it. Actually they liked the song i was playing Called Whipout by the Ventures lol my luck.

I live in the rural part of town right on the corner by the street, right next to a cow pasture. Only thing I would be disturbing would be the cows. My Neighbors live way across from me and we are kinda spread out here, so it's hardly audible to them.
"Whipout" or "Wipeout"?
I’ve been having regular band practice for months now. Upstairs. With a sliding glass door and a couple of windows open. It’s summer, and upstairs. The neighborhood surely hears us. I also play alone after practice and it’s a much more abrasive style.
The only complaint I’ve gotten o didn’t even get: the neighbors in back of me complained to my sweet neighbors next door, who always just tell us we sound good. The only complaint they’ve ever had about anything I’ve done is she once asked me not to play Klaus Nomi’s Cold Song because she has a past with it. Nothing about the fact that it was being played at 3:30 am. Just not that particular song.

I’ve had other people in the neighborhood say they enjoy our practices. I think most people like these things; makes life more interesting and beautiful. I had a neighbor who would play trumpet on his porch every evening, and I absolutely loved it.


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My drum room is pretty well sound proofed (box in a box) and my only neighbour is a friendly old lady from Paris. She doesn't hear all that well.
She's selling her house now, I'm crossing my fingers.